I am a cake seller

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《 Wei Zhi 》 yue : Hua Tuo experienced the patient with pharyngeal obstruction , It is said that :" There is always a cake seller in the corner of the road , The duckweed is very sour , Take three liters to drink ." As the saying goes , I spit a snake . Just a few words , Tell me about the people who sell cakes 、 It's hard work . Hon , Mashed ginger 、 Garlic 、 Leek, etc .

Let's first look at a poem written by Tang Wangwei 《 Mrs. Xi )—— Don't spoil , Unforgettable old gratitude ./ The flowers are full of tears , He did not agree with the king of Chu . According to the Tang Dynasty Meng he 《 Poetry of original events 》 record : Tang Ming Huang's brother, King Ning Li Xian , Take the Baker ( Selling cakes ) Man's wife . One day , Li Xian's banquet , The Baker ( The pie seller ) Call into the house , The woman met her husband , burst into tears , Wang Wei wrote this poem on the spot . Fortunately, King Ning was kind , Give her back to the Baker ( Wheat pie man ), Make the end of his ambition . before , When I read this poem , They are worried about Wang Wei and the woman , Now that I think about it , After all, I'm a layman , It's from the standpoint of King Ning . And the reason why Wang Wei , He has his own values . Of course , We don't have to be moved by King Ning's behavior , Because he has dozens of prostitutes with unique skills and coloring , One more is not enough , It doesn't matter if one of them is missing , After all, there are many families that want to be favored by King Ning , He can do this little thing if he wants to , Maybe it's to leave a good reputation for yourself ?

Let's look at another piece of historical data :“ Three years in Xiande ( A.D. 965 year ), Zhao Hong and Yin Tong led the army to attack Yangzhou , Meet Zhou Shizong in Shouchun . The cakes in Shouchun cake shop are thin and small , Shizong was furious , We've captured a dozen pie sellers and are going to put them to death , Zhao Hongyin insisted on remonstrance and persuasion before he was released .” At the beginning of the day , Yangzhou's cake seller is really too poor , Zhou Shizong killed whoever he wanted . But let's take a closer look at , original , This story is about the song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin's father . let me put it another way , It is the preparation for Zhao Kuangyin's summit , It's a crusade against the previous dynasty .

There are pastry shops lined up on Xingchen road in the West New Area of Lanxi ( Four or five )

As for Wu Song's brother Wu Dalang , Everybody knows , I'll stop nagging . however , Is the fate of the cake seller really so bad ? I think , Today is not , There will be no such ending in the future . Not to mention the cake seller in Jinyun , It's the cake seller in Lanxi , They are all men with outstanding skills .

Bite open the baked pastry while it's hot , The fat of pig is half melted , It's crystal clear , There is also a strong sweetness in the mouth ; Dried vegetables are soaked black and shiny , The unique flavor of dried vegetables comes from the noodles , With the smoke of pastry , Impact on the mouth and nose at the same time . But people in the south of the Yangtze River are fond of sweetness , Foreigners eat more pastries , I'm afraid I'm too tired to eat .

Lanxi pastry is golden in color , It's crispy and delicious , It is a traditional famous spot in Lanxi City, Zhejiang Province , It's also one of the food for relatives and friends , Count as “ A casual gift ” Well . Main ingredients : Preserved vegetable 、 pork 、 Maltose 、 Refined salt and flour .

Production steps 1: Add minced pork and dried vegetables 、 Mix salt into stuffing , Mix the flour with warm water , Spread out to cool and take out a proper amount of , Put in the same amount of yeast , Knead the dough well and thoroughly .

Production steps 2: When the leavened dough is elastic and spongy , Pour in lye , Rub it through again and again , Roll it into a rectangle . Put a layer of vegetable oil on it , Sprinkle with flour , Spread it with your hands , And roll it up from top to bottom , Rub it into a circle , Pull it into a dough , Press the inside into the middle 、 Round skin with thin edges , Wrap in the stuffing , Close up and hold tight , Put your mouth down on the chopping board , Then roll it into a round cake , Brush with sugar water , Sprinkle with sesame seeds , It's a cake .

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