Meet together and see the beautiful flowers!

2020-11-17 21:28:05  作者:Live with the camera

Spring has come when the warbler is in March , The spring breeze is ten miles ahead of time .

Every spring scene is more and more noble because of concealment , Every inch of spring is more tender because of yearning . Break the dreariness of winter , let's date !

1—— Flowers bloom for ten miles

It's a winter deposit , A presentation of inspiration .



Peach blossom



2—— The willow is green

It's a beautiful spring hair , A strand of hair .

《 Chanting willows 》: Make up a tree with Jasper , Ten thousand green silk ribbons . I don't know who cut the thin leaves , Spring breeze in February is like scissors .

3—— Murmur of water

The mountains and rivers are beautiful in the late days , Spring wind, flowers and plants .

4—— The figure is graceful

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