Beishan, I'm here

2020-11-17 21:24:28  作者:Life on camera

Beishan , My North Mountain . Beishan , Beishan , My holy mountain .

Miss meeting plum blossom , And missed the intimacy with rape flower , Don't miss the mountain in your heart . Lin Ying sings to the silent place , Green Grass Pond alone Frog .

Beishan , I'm coming . Jinhua mountain , Take Jinhua City as the coordinate , Call it the north mountain , Take Lancheng city as the coordinate , It should be called Dongshan , And take the hometown of Meijiang as the center , Jinhua mountain is also called Longmen Mountain by Mr. Cao Juren .

Beishan , I'm coming . The mountain forest is the Lord , People are guests . Not just for fresh air , It's not just for the family's leisure during the holidays , But to appreciate the landscape , Understand what a mountain is , What is the carelessness of water ?

Green water meanders , Green mountains open to each other . We must not let Chunguang down .

Orchid base

In the warm spring breeze , The tall and straight saplings are well arranged ——

The flowers are in full bloom ——

The newly blooming branches and leaves are particularly fresh ——

In the embrace of the mountains, the water gurgling ——

Little spring water

There are also dust-free lives in the mountains ——

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