Cixi. Minghe ancient town

2020-11-17 21:24:27  作者:Photography, here and now

Minghe ancient town , Located in Guanhaiwei town, Cixi, Ningbo , The ancient town is built on the mountain 、 Because of the river 、 There is a temple on the edge of town , Fishing and farming people live on the river . The origin of the name Ming he is related to the local Yu family in the early Tang Dynasty , Yu Jiugao, grandson of Yu Shinan, a great calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty , The word Ming crane , Excellent literary talent , But early death , In memory of him , Just use “ Singing crane “ To name this place .

Minghe ancient town is not far from Ningbo City , Suitable for weekend leisure tour , Take a look at the ancient town , Try the local delicacies , It's also a pleasant thing .

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