Chongqing. A new year tour

2020-11-17 21:24:24  作者:Photography, here and now

I've been planning my trip to Chongqing for a long time , Chongqing has delicious Sichuan cuisine and hot pot , It's a mountain city, it's a fog city , It's net red 5D Magic city , therefore , The new year's trip decisively chose Chongqing as the city .

2 Two pea noodles opened my new year's journey in Chongqing .

The magnetic mouth of tourists , Most of them are teahouses , Food shops and all kinds of handicraft shops , Taste maoxuewang, one of the three wonders of the ancient town .

Searching for the Hongya cave in the world , The more night, the more beautiful .

Looking for the disappearing third trail of mountain city , Look at Chongqing hidden in tikanli , Feel the feelings of fog city .

I went to experience the magic of Chongqing 2 The light rail line , Li Ziba, passing through the building , If it's on the eighth floor ;90 The turning Dadu , It's not as exciting as the legendary roller coaster , The carriage is S Type of shuttle ; A section of the river in Zengjiayan is also very beautiful .

Huangjueping campus, Chuanmei , Go to see the vivid and interesting graffiti . What will art look like when it comes to life , Let's take a look at Chuanmei's fantastic graffiti creativity .

Zhongshan No.4 road is called the most beautiful district in Chongqing , It is the gathering place of Chongqing government agencies and revolutionary sites , There is a feeling of quiet years , The road is not long , There are not many scenic spots , It's quiet .

Platoon 2 Hours 10 The team finally got Chongqing hot pot , I'm glad I didn't order Jiugongge red soup pot , While sneezing and snuffling, eating mandarin duck pot , Besides beer, it's better to have an old yogurt .

When the eagerly anticipated new year's Day holiday comes on schedule , With a long accumulated mood , On the new year's journey to Chongqing . Ciqikou feels the bustling market , Looking down on the shenglou tower and overlooking the fog city , Qiansimen bridge overlooks Hongya cave , Chuanmei graffiti street erling No.2 factory meets literature and art , Mountain city trail to visit old folk houses in tikan , The four roads of Zhongshan are looking for historical traces , Taste the spicy and delicious Chongqing hot pot maoxuewang hot and sour powder , When the excitement is over , Clean up the flying mood , Return to life with a smile .

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