[picture] oleander blossoms in summer: waiting for the best in May, the cold faced killer laughs at the spring breeze

2020-11-17 21:24:13  作者:Photography, here and now

Oleander ( Also known as the cold face killer ). The main reason is that its toxicity can be fatal .“ I'll wait until May , Cold face killer smile spring breeze ”.

The whole plant of oleander is highly toxic , The symptoms of poisoning are nausea 、 vomiting 、 lethargy 、 Arrhythmias and so on , In case of serious poisoning , It's possible to lose consciousness or die . So in the face of oleander , Just enjoy it , Remember to keep your eyes and hands still !

But at the same time , Oleander has great medicinal value , It can be used as a rodenticide , For people to eliminate the hateful mouse .

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