A group of photography works "summer lotus dream"

2020-11-17 21:24:04  作者:Mr. Zhu Zi photography training camp

This is a group of lotus works shot in Hongze Lake, Anhui Province . It was midday , Scorching sun in the sky , People in the same company are hiding in the shade of trees , But I linger in the lotus garden . Under the shade of green lotus leaves, the lotus has different shapes , There are those with flapping wings , There are shy and introverted , There are quiet as virgins , There are high spirited . I shuttle among the lotus leaves , Tracking them in the moment . Their pride and independence in the complicated world has deeply moved my heart , The moment I met them , The completion of the devout recognition of life and gratitude for all the beautiful things met : Be yourself outside the world , What a precious quality .

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