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Fu Yuhong Rebecca


There's no such thing as wishing Prague

After volunteering , I started a A person said to leave the trip .

more Independent , And more brave .

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Every time I go to a new city , You can always meet a group of like-minded people , Originally, a person's travel is full of fun because of everyone : I met my little Australian brother in Budapest , I met a little Chinese sister who grew up in Czech Republic in Prague , I met a fellow Taiwanese brother in Vienna ……

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This experience has made me more determined, and I will have to Continue one's journey , With the heart of the unknown , Welcome endless surprises on the way , And the most wonderful experience .

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And then we talk about volunteering in Poland . Six weeks of life experience , I'm with my little sister from Mexico and my little brother from Algeria , Working in a local nursing home for the disabled and a summer camp for children , Three weeks each was short and happy , Not only with the old and child coach to form a deep feeling , Also fully experienced the local life , Happy and interesting .

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In the local nursing home

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With my friends

A little bit of insight :

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and roommate And the elderly

In Poland , What moved me most was my long legged Miss Mexico , She treats me like a little sister , Take care of me all the time and help me , Always listen to me speak English patiently , Ride on the road with me for three or four hours , Tell me about my ex boyfriend , Laughing on the road together , In the road together to refuse all kinds of sudden small brother hhh

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And the old people there

Six weeks is short and happy , There are too many things to learn , I've grown too much . If given the chance , I will definitely go back to Wroclaw in Poland , To thank the people there , Thank you for everything they taught me , Also thanks AIESEC, To provide us with such a platform , Let's go and see the world , Give me a chance to talk to myself , Share such a wonderful experience .

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