The coolest summer vacation orange ever had

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Mid semester , When I haven't figured out how to spend my freshman summer vacation , Eric asked me if I wanted to do a cool International Volunteer .

What I say , Why? ?

Because I feel cool !

China & Ukraine

In fact, I tried to get to know international volunteers when I was in high school , At that time, I thought in my heart “ Damn it ! This is too cool , When I was in college, I had to be an international volunteer !️” I just didn't expect , There's a big chance to go to summer vacation ( Over your face )

Of course

This awesome adventure never let me down、

First time on a plane cool !

I was worried about my spoken English before going abroad , After all, their English full of curry flavor during the interview was really overwhelming , Do you think I want to say the country and find it is not so terrible ?

Does not

The curry smell of local English ( Compared with the interviewer ) Heavier !

Said it was a cool experience , It has a strong subjective consciousness : Because there are so many firsts , The first time I saw the sea 、 First time on a plane ( I've been really hopelessly excited for a long time )、 For the first time, I met my compatriots from Hong Kong and Taiwan 、 For the first time with the white, yellow, black and brown people party Learn how to shoot 、 The first time I had Vietnamese food ... ...

The first new Yorker in life

The first time I met Hong Kong Youth

The first time I met a friend from Taiwan

for the first time “ International ”

The first time I saw the sea

Five continents dance together ( Great Vietnam kid )

The project I chose was about gender equality , Gender equality It's the United Nations that put forward human beings 17 One of the development indicators . Can you imagine how cool it is to talk about women's rights and sex minorities with young people from all over the world ?

The first week of the project The leader led us to adapt to the local life : Sea breeze + Exposure to the sun , Hot peppers everywhere + Curry , A sudden car . Everything for me It's all novel , Yellow coconut 、 When washing dishes The monkey in the tree outside the window 、 Purple vegetables 、 Sweet pepper 、 Even everywhere Made in China, Can let me study for a long time .

After all There are so many fresh things 、

Tour leader Vindula

HK A souvenir from my classmates

HSBC Bank, nominated by the National Museum as a thank you

Tell me out loud what this is !

Our main activities are concentrated in local government departments and schools . After listening to them one by one Session after , We went to three girls' schools / college (School/College) And a University (University)“ Do it again ”Session, It's just that we became the keynote speakers 、

This is a girls' school

We Chinese are in charge of a group

Leave a message on this book when you leave

And Muslim girls school students

An ordinary high school for girls

A Muslim women's College

A Catholic School

Another is Capital University of Colombo

The four universities are almost typical of the future generation of women in Sri Lanka , Their reactions are also different . But one thing is certain : Girls have a strong sense of gender equality , I think this is better than China . Point to .

There are so many surprises in this experience

I met two fellow villagers ( One of them is still online )

I met Beihang, which has been traveling around the world since high school & Beijing post small CP

I met a Sri Lankan religious professor who went to Singapore to teach and know many Chinese , He also invited me to let him know when I came next time He lent me a motorcycle to take me around the island

I met a little Egyptian brother who had already worked but still insisted on walking the world ( Egyptians are so beautiful )

The first dive

On the Buddha's tooth Festival

Vietnam little sister and Beiyou little sister

The Egyptian playwright

Netherlands & Vietnam & China

The face of Nantes, France

Canada Scott

Time went by so fast

The waters of Trincomalee

Search for the prototype of the train in the sea


The sea breeze has been blowing for a long time

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