Six week volunteer trip to Malaysia

2020-11-17 21:23:59  作者:Collection of overseas stories

stay 2017 year 7 month 17 I set foot on the flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur on June , Start a six week international volunteer tour . One person from Beijing airport to Kuala Lumpur Airport , Then transfer to Xinshan at Kuala Lumpur Airport , I feel very lonely and helpless in the process , No one has ever been to such a big place , Especially at Kuala Lumpur Airport , I feel strange to the signs in Malay and English , But fortunately, I got a lot of good people's help along the way , Finally, we arrived at Xinshan . But accommodation and pick-up , With the final electricity bill, it cost nearly 500 myr , But as soon as you get off the plane, you can see ep Pick up the plane , And help me with 30KG The big suitcase of , I'm still very pleased .

Prices in Xinshan are not much different from those in the second tier cities in China , But clothes are cheap . Living here doesn't feel like a big financial burden . The people of Xinshan branch first held a welcome party , And tell us some of the commonly used life software here , for example uber and grab, It's much cheaper than a taxi , And often give out some discount codes , So we often get some free cars . The local climate is not very different from the summer in China , It's even cooler than summer in China , But there's a big difference inside , The air conditioning in the mall is very good , It's easy to catch a cold without a coat . In terms of language , The local people are mainly Chinese , Malays and Indians . In my opinion, they get along well , There are many Chinese , I think I'm still at home , It won't be difficult even to spend a day without speaking English . The local people are friendly, too , But because Malaysia's state religion is Islam , So it will be more difficult to eat pork . The local food is spicy , Mainly chicken . But you can also find many Chinese restaurants , You can also try Indian food , Indian food is very spicy , But there are also some that are not spicy .

About our project ,greeny green project, It's mainly about environmental protection and waste reduction , And sorting and recycling , We went to a lot of schools these six weeks , Including children who don't have access to education , Kindergarten and even high school . Give them some knowledge and common sense about garbage sorting and recycling . It's very difficult to change an adult's lifestyle , But it's not that difficult to change a child , So we focus mainly on children . It also trained my organizational ability and team spirit .

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