A trip to Poland

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2017 year 6 month 29 Japan , adopt Aiesec, I set out on my way to Poland .

Tell the truth , Before I went to Poland, all I knew about this country was Chopin and World War II . In fact, the country I wanted to visit most at first was Hungary , However, the competition for the project is much more intense than I expected . Out of love for Europe , On balance, Poland was chosen . The city I went to was Bialystok, It's not a popular tourist city in Poland , Although it is the capital of a province , But it's really not famous at all , Even if I searched the Internet for relevant information , I feel as if I know nothing about the city . Before I went there, I was really nervous , But then I learned to go Bialystok It's actually my luck .

bialystok The Cathedral of


My job is to teach kindergarten children English , Every two weeks there's a kindergarten . The first one was in Bialystok On the outskirts of , The second is in another city suwalki, distance Bialystok It's about two hours' drive , Close to the border between Poland and Lithuania . For the last two weeks, I stayed Bialystok A kindergarten in the city .

It's about teaching English , But in fact, my job is just to play with the children and brief them on the things related to China . But in these kindergartens, there are really a lot of good-looking children , I can't stop holding high and so on . Some children will run to hold their thighs when you want to leave , It's really cute .

It's really cool

Every kindergarten has a little princess

Little Turkish sister

In three kindergartens , No doubt I like the first one best . Teacher super nice, The food was great . I work with a little Turkish sister , Two people live in the mother's home of the kindergarten head . That granny is really, really nice , Although she doesn't speak English , We don't speak Polish either , But we can still feel her love for us . When I lived at her house , My sister and I eat 4 Ton , The food cooked by grandma is so delicious that it can't stop at all .

At that time in Bialystok There are two Aiesec The project is going on at the same time ,Kindergarten and Education. In fact, the work contents of the two projects are similar , It's just that the person in charge is different . The total of the two projects is about 20 Multiple volunteers , From Thailand 、 Turkey 、 India 、 Ukraine 、 The Greek 、 kyrgyzstan 、 Brazil 、 Indonesia 、 South Korea 、 Mexico and Hong Kong . In fact, I am the only person who comes from Chinese mainland in a strict sense , There was another school in Chengdu in Canada ? sister , Then I went back to Canada in the first week because of urticaria .4 There is only one person in Hong Kong , And they usually play with each other in groups , Never take part in Aiesec And we hardly play with other volunteers , So in addition to my relationship with one of the girls OK outside , The others are nodding friends . But actually , Playing with volunteers from other countries really made me have a lot of fun , Travel together , Go to Karaoke, Eating and drinking , Go to club dance , also girls night, Everyone has a story , Every story is super interesting .

Drink with Polish girls shot

Girls night

After finishing the project , I even spent two weeks alone in Europe .

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