Guangzhou: where is Yangcheng

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Before coming to Guangzhou , Lingnan only appears in books , In Su Shi's works : Three hundred lychees a day , I don't want to be a Lingnan person , It's fresh in my memory .

chart / writing : Nanxiang purple

Guangzhou in the daytime : It's half simple , Half fresh .

Walking in Guangzhou's ancient paintings

In a fast-paced life , You can also enjoy such a quiet time . Through people coming and going , Unknowingly, I stepped into this simple and unsophisticated situation , Few people disturb , You can feel it quietly “ through ” The joy of , Take pictures without fear , Let the situation and the scene not only be engraved in my mind , Also engraved in the steps of life .

In the corridor Life is silent Continue again

Like this kind of corridor , In addition to the festivity, it is accompanied by the light of the lake , On both sides of the corridor , And the oars are whistling , The boatman not far away is rowing hard , His world is a boat , The lake is not only in the eyes of tourists , And he .

We were on the porch looking at the scenery , The passers-by are looking at us , Look at the boatman , The boat carries our dreams , We've become a tourist's dream .

The simple dream on campus

Walking in the quiet campus , Fade the sound of reading in class , The campus becomes very quiet on weekends .

A school in Guangzhou

It's so simple 、 Under the influence of elegance , When they grow up, they will also pass on the ancient style to other places ! Think of it here. , There was a smile in it , Hit with the sun full of .

The moment you step into Lingnan ,“ Huacheng ” Seeing is believing . Guangzhou is a city with temperature , So its land has flowers all the year round .

Flowers in Lingnan impression garden

People who love flowers can't help stopping for it , In this flower city of Guangzhou , Green plants and flowers can be seen everywhere . Park or roadside , They're always in your eyes .

Quiet time The heart roams in the green

The fog after the rain , Give the green plant some immortal spirit , Walk inside , There is no lack of a sense of being in a state of ecstasy . They are quietly watching your eyes in the South China Botanical Garden , With the most tender appearance .

Immortal Qi

Four leaf grass on the road , It's so green , Such a flower city is destined to have a new spring , There is no winter withering .

The wild flowers on the roadside are only photographed but not stepped on

That piece of crystal green for how many pedestrians brought hope and spring , A little leaf , It also carries the temperature and customs of Yangcheng .

The blue sky White clouds The most essential clarification

Look up at the sky , A touch of quiet blue across the top of the head , With the scattered branches and leaves , flying 、 flying 、 flying , Their light footstep , It's for fear of waking up the birds and insects on the trees .

Guangzhou at night : A little clarity , A little warmth

It's not just in movies and TV plays , It has already come into our sight .

When night falls

When night falls , The crowd in the square has not yet dispersed , More silent eyes in the hurry , squat on the heels , Watch or look up , It's not just the lights that they look up to , And the slow hours of that moment .

On the Lantern People are not in good condition

In the warm light , There is an endless stream of people enjoying the scenery . In front of the shop , They talk to each other 、 The heat ; Or take a break , Taste delicious food , recuperate and build up energy , Move on , Take a look at the beautiful scenery ahead , Feel the warmth of the next station .

Flower people independent , Love is sent to flowers

The wind in Lingnan is warm and powerful , It makes people come , The flowers are blowing , After the hustle and bustle of people , I'm independent in front of the flower , As time flies , Look at the vicissitudes of life , Only stay in the heart : It's the scenery that people have seen along the way , It's a little wish after being satisfied by the eyes , It's a beautiful picture that keeps coming to mind , It's the ripples in my heart , It's a thing of Lingnan. It's moving in front of you .

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