Egypt: the dream of that summer

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In Egypt , I had a dream .

2017 In the summer ,20 year , Go to Egypt as an overseas volunteer . Different from traditional travel , I really feel the culture and customs of this country . Now listen to me slowly .

7 month 15 On the evening of the 8th, we set off from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport , Direct flight from Egypt to , about 11 Hours to Cairo Airport . The statue of the Pharaoh coming from the plane 、 The pyramid poster gives me a sense of reality in my trance " wow , I really came to this mysterious country !" I changed money at the airport and bought a phone card . I was about to contact the person in charge of the branch and saw that the Egyptian brother who came to pick me up was holding a sign with my name on it , In my heart , Everything is going well .

Cairo's first sight

cairo airport


Egyptian brother sent me to Maadi 's apartment , It's said that the public order in the rich area is better . All my friends are going to Dahab Travel , I came back that night , So I met with my friends from other countries in the evening , Everybody's super enthusiastic and funny , The previous worries suddenly dissipated .

stay Maadi 's apartment

The street in front of the apartment

The daily life is to work in the daytime, and to be with my friends at night . Let's talk about my project first , Name is Lead Green, It's about protecting the environment , At work, from Monday to Wednesday , Actually work three to four hours a day , It's going to be different NGO Work . Sometimes I teach children how to protect the environment , I also teach some English about environmental protection , Sometimes it helps to transform the environment in places like welfare homes .

Go home after work

With the children

With the children

Brush the wall , It looks terrible

This is the situation of work . In fact, I spent most of my time playing with my friends , And travel . On weekdays, we usually go to the coffee shop to chat, watch football games or play games at home , Leisure and fun .

Family dinner

And little friends

Or with my friends

My favorite cafe , In the middle of Cairo, by the Nile . I like to sit there with the cool wind blowing , see flueka People are singing and dancing , Look at the Arab women with turbans beside them , Look at the carriages and cars on the bridge . I used to think about , Religion completely binds them , Isn't it boring to live like this ? After coming to Egypt , I found the opposite , The lovers on the bridge are whispering , People in the cafe watch football games together . Maybe it's because it's too hot during the day , The Egyptian people's nightlife is always very rich , At three o'clock in the morning, the streets of Cairo are still full of traffic .

On the banks of the Nile flueka

My favorite cafe by the Nile

Let's talk about my trip in Egypt , I went out with my friends on the rest day . First I went to the black and white desert , And then Luxor 、 Aswan and Alexander , And Cairo, of course .

The black and white desert tour is a branch organization , Two days and a night . Leaving Cairo at seven o'clock on the first morning , And head for the desert . All the way through the desert , Stop at a scenic spot to enjoy . I went to the black desert first , I always wonder why it's called black desert ? How can the sand be black ? When I got there, I realized that it was because the stones in the desert were all black , The name of white desert comes from the same reason . I watched the desert sunset in the evening , No, " The smoke is straight ", But the setting sun is really round , In a desert setting , The sunset is really amazing ! The night camp is already in the Sahara , The bonfire party came to a climax , Foreign partners are good at singing and dancing , With the music of Arab style , It's super sensational .

Handsome me

Don't ask why there wasn't me

Soul photographer

Black desert


Luxor's trip to Aswan , Five days and four nights . One night in Aswan , To Nubian village , It is said that there are 100000 crocodiles , Nubian worshipped crocodiles as gods ( But, um , I only saw a crocodile ). Don't say the , Directly above !

Local houses

The legendary crocodile

Local spices

Overlooking Nubian village

We went down the Nile to Luxor by boat . There are a lot of temples here, King's Valley , Because I didn't know the history of Egypt in advance , So this trip is to see a pile of stones . Except for the temple of Luxor 、 Queen's Valley and the temple of Queen Hatshepsut , I forgot all the other names ( embarrassed ), Let's go straight to the picture above .

Family photos


The temple of Queen Hatshepsut

Night view of Luxor Temple

The temple of Luxor

The temple of Luxor

The temple of Luxor

The temple of unknown name

The temple of unknown name

The Nile

Sunset on the Nile

Next is Alexander , It's my favorite city in Egypt . The reason is that it's really beautiful . The blue of the Mediterranean is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , The adults and children in Alexandria are at ease , There are also Lishan library which contains a small part of human civilization .

Look far ahead

mediterranean sea

Cheerleading ~

Gabriel castle


The library

Inside the library

Cairo . It's casual in Cairo , Almost every day I go out for a walk , When I'm bored, I go to some interesting places , I've been to a lot of places . The National Museum of Egypt 、 Ali Mosque 、 Saladin castle , Of course, there are pyramids and so on ( See the picture below ).

Let's talk about the impression of Cairo . Buddies and their partners make complaints about each other , what Egyptian time、 Egyptian style La , It's just Egyptians who are slow , I'm a little inefficient. I just like being late , In retrospect, I still like enthusiastic Egyptians . And the last thing I like most is the streets of Cairo , There's loess dust everywhere , Finally gave up brushing shoes , Wearing flip flops every day in the streets of Cairo . And then there is the price ! price ! What I miss most is the price there ! It's really cheap !

Khan Halili market

Ali Mosque perspective

Riding around the pyramids

Sitting on the stone of the pyramid

The National Museum of Egypt

Saladin castle

Ali Mosque


Mosque Hall

The mosque

The pyramid

The pyramid

The sphinx

That's just a small part of life in Egypt , Over 40 days in Egypt , And a lot of fun , Do you want to hear it ?

My dream is not over ...

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