Tianjin, a city with temperature, lights at night is a hope

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The city of Tianjin , I've lived for nearly twenty years . Although not native , I don't dare to say that I can count the vicissitudes of life with you just by taking a street view 、 Personal stories , But the atmosphere here is so familiar to me , It's not like the prosperity in the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen , Naturally, there is less noise . Especially at night , There seems to be endless stories in every lamp , Waiting for you to explore slowly ……

Now this time of year , There's always some light fog , With the advance of dark time , It's more likely to see the grey sky set off the streetlights . and , Almost every alley like this , The scene is the same , Except for the pedestrians who occasionally break into the camera , Everything is so quiet .

Street lights

This road , I've been walking a lot lately . The new company is just around here , People in and out of the vegetable market , Take off the tiredness and camouflage of a day , Ready to purchase some finished products and semi-finished products 、 Raw materials and so on , Just to feed the hungry .

At the door of the vegetable market

The basic functions of the ordinary vegetable market are described above , However, if you look at the picture carefully, you will find that , This market is called “ Tianta food market ”. Regardless of the tower ( Tianjin Radio and television tower is abbreviated to ) It is one of the landmark buildings in Tianjin , Just look at the tall building opposite the market , Do you think this is near the Cancer Hospital ?

you 're right , Many foreigners will come here to see a doctor , It's mostly severe , Even more specifically to tell you , yes —— cancer !

So there are so many hotels near the food market , It's not hard to understand that people often hold billboards around here to attract customers . Those who accompany them can only smile , Take a foreign country as a hometown . And I believe in , These little bits of light , In the dark night more or less can bring them warmth and hope .

The path to the hotel

When you accidentally , Come out of that little world , Looking up at the tall buildings , It's not a house , It's a ward , Will that moment be a little disappointed ?

The way out of the alley

This time, , Behind the billboards used to cover up the construction site , It's not the construction of subway stations , It's the expansion of the hospital . At the time , Even if the decorative lights on the other side of the building are on again , You will also feel a gust of wind blowing through your heart , As cold as early winter .

The other side of the road

therefore , The surrounding Baoxuan fishing house 、 Fried cake with ears and eyes , Even if the store is bright all night , It doesn't seem to make sense either .

Walk out from the other side of the alley

In the time of contemplation , The bus pulled me back to reality . Take a closer look. , The pagoda is not far away , The whole body of light , In particular, the beauty of the spire is enough to light up the hearts of every viewer .

Looking at the sky tower from the roadside

Try to stop for a few seconds on the side of the road , I remember walking near the Tower many years ago , Closer than now , But almost no feeling . On the one hand, they are still young , On the other hand, the mood is different .

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