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One day in the late April, I looked at the official account of WeChat as usual , I accidentally saw AIESEC Shared volunteer stories , The more you look, the more you feel , Then sign up for the website , Browse to select project , Try it , But I got a reply soon after , Borrow Google translate I had a hard time finishing the interview ,( The interview questions are simple , My English is so bad ) And then pay the fee , Plane ticket , visa , It's not plain sailing , But all in all, it's safe to get to Egypt . So in 6.30 I started my Egyptian life .

Visa on Arrival

My project is in Alexandria, You need to sit bus, Then there will be AIESECer stay Alexandria Pick me up at the bus stop , I need to thank all the people who helped me along the way .

After arriving at the lodging place, rest till evening , My Egyptian brother, who was in charge of the interview, asked me what plans I had for today , It was 8:00 p.m. Egyptian time , I'll say it's eight o'clock. It's over today , As a result, my roommate said that Egyptians went out at night and didn't go home until two or three o'clock in the morning , I was particularly shocked , This is totally not allowed in China , Bad boy, No , Finally, I went to see my little brother , And two Tunisian volunteers , I ordered coffee in a nearby cafe and chatted , Then several people don't know if they haven't communicated with Chinese people , It's just a question, a question , They have an accent in English , My English is very poor , Thanks to my powerful translation software , Then two more Brazilian volunteers joined the chat , But in the end, I was so tired that I went back early .

By the way , I haven't been home before two in the morning since the next day , Because they really start a new day at seven or eight in the evening , The streets are full of people at two o'clock in the morning , Roadside cafe , Seaside Cafe , A family or good friend , Drink juice coffee , Smoking hookah , Very comfortable life . But I feel bored after a long time , Especially a month later , Good friends who often play have returned home after the project , I'm not in the mood to make new friends , At that time, I really wanted to return home early . But it's good to start the project , Need to work during the day . Directly above Alexandria

Alexandria The night of


mediterranean sea


Alexandria Library

Talk about my project ,scouts, It's training children of different ages in groups , Including survival skills in the wild , It will be organized from time to time camping, It's still interesting , It's just that I went just in time for them to prepare for the annual convention , So I spend most of my time preparing for projects . My age group is 12-15 Year old girl , Very cute girl , ha-ha , And dance with them , I'm sure it's like zombies . This is a picture of the conference at that time , It's a random shot . Anyway, this project is still very interesting , If you stay longer , You can teach your kids what you've learned , That's what it really is " Baby King " La .

Learn to make fire with flint

Ropes and pulleys

Preparing for the conference

The scene of the conference

In Egypt, I except Alexandria outside , There were three trips , Because our project time is flexible , and Alexandria AIESEC We will organize different cities on a regular basis trip, So you can choose different projects according to your project time trip, On the journey , Besides the scenery , The most important thing is to deepen the communication and understanding with volunteers from other countries .

been Cairo two , The first is Alexandria AIESEC Organized meetings , Everyone needs to attend , It's about organizing all the volunteers , Make us know more about AIESEC, Know more about ourselves . by the way ,Alexandria AIESEC Give me a free pyramid tour . Nonsense , Directly above .

The pyramid

Records of the conference

The second time was to explore Cairo before returning home , We have friends from China that we know . Or the picture above

Night view of Cairo

The lamp

The Nile


Saharan castle

The second city is Luxor, Hot air balloon , Valley of Kings , Temple , Excuse me for my poor English. I can't understand the tour guide's explanation , In fact, it's still too hot ,40 The weather is , I just want to go back to the hotel and blow the air conditioner , Because I'm really worried about dying of heat . however , Feel like going there, even if it's just a touch of the stone pillars of thousands of years , Will still be shocked by the long history . It's still the picture above , Language is pale at this time .



The Nile at dawn

Hot air balloon

We are Luxor

The third city is Sinai sharm el sheikh, From the famous diving Mecca dahab It's only a three hour drive , I'm sorry I didn't go because of time dahab, But both cities are tourist cities by the Red Sea , clean , Enthusiasm , More open . Although I can't swim , But still wearing a life jacket snorkeling, Drink a lot of red sea water , It's so salty , My fellow Portuguese brother was pulled by me to be my special lifeguard , ha-ha , No matter what , I like this trip best , Because I went with my best friend , most important of all , Beautiful red sea , I love the sea , This is my choice Alexandria Why . The picture above shows that

The red sea



That's probably me 45 A general introduction to life , Some people say that it's better for you to sign up for a tour group in China in ten days and a half months , Don't suffer . I want to say , What is suffering ? Listen to me, I'm starving and losing weight at first because I can't get used to Egyptian food , Listen to me, because I don't speak English well, and girls don't dare to go to the street easily because I don't speak English well , Listen to me, because of the recession, Egypt's domestic reform is dirty, messy and dilapidated , You conclude that I'm having a bad time, and I'm paying for it , Who gives you the right to judge my journey , My experience, my feelings, only I know , People like you who just want to walk around, take photos and enjoy the journey don't understand !

Some people say I'm bold , It's crazy , But it should have been summer and youth !

Turn on crazy Pattern

This is when I was waiting in Guangzhou , At that time, I was also worried about , Also afraid of , But now I'm sitting here with my cell phone editing my “ travel ”, I want to say , This is the right choice I've made so far .

this 45 In the day , No matter happy , sorry , angry , disappointment , But this experience made me grow up and harvest , Whether I admit it or not , It's all in my blood . The biggest gain is that I can get rid of the translation software and communicate with my friends from all over the world in English , I also learned about Egypt, the mysterious Muslim country , But you want me to introduce Egypt , No , You should experience it yourself , Hope to see your share here one day , Egypt in your eyes .

Photos of the last wave of friends






Finally, I want to say welcome to Egypt,welcome to Alexandria,a7la AIESEC,shokran!

Egyptian flag

AIESEC Alexandria

Here you are Alexandria AIESEC An introduction to the , Project introduction , Contact information of responsible person, etc , But it has to be VPN To open , Please don't hesitate if you are interested , Turn on crazy Mode! ( Baidu AIESEC It's OK , You can choose the country you want to go to )

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