Chengdu, a city with temperature

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***In this rainy town I never forget you

Chengdu You are the only one who can't take away

—— Zhao Lei 《 Chengdu 》***


Speaking of Chengdu , I think many people will not consciously hum Chengdu this song ?

As a native Chengdu man, I still have a little bit of pride , Because most people say : Chengdu , It's a place you don't want to go when you come , You will be laid down by her , She is beautiful , Her atmosphere was deeply attracted to .

The setting sun

Chengdu is like a little girl sometimes , Red face

Night view of Wangjiang Park

In the morning 12 spot , Chengdu's nightlife just started , You can sit on the side of the Funan River and drink a little wine , Look at this little song , Beauty is not true ?


In this city not night , It seems that no matter how late , You can see the bustling traffic on the road . And it makes you feel you're not so lonely , There are always people like you , On the way !


leisure , take a walk , A good place to run in the morning !

Every morning you can see Tai Chi , The old granddad and grandma who danced in the square , They are full of energy , Although years have left traces on their faces , But they still have an infinite charm .

Width alley

Width alley

Walking in the endless stream of people , Will you see me at a glance ?

Wide and narrow fire engines

Near Tianfu Square

The people's Park

Huanglongxi ancient town

Summer resort to play with water

*The water of Jinjiang River is clear ,*

*Luxi water Brown ,*

*The tao " Huanglong crosses Qingjiang River , The real dragon is hidden inside ".*

Luodai Ancient Town

Watch the people come and go , In a hurry .

The old man on the street

Our parents grew up with us , And we can't grow old with them ……

*Once thought the worst thing in life , It's just loneliness . It's not . The worst thing is to end up with people who make you feel lonely .*

*——《 The greatest father in the world 》*

Lovely cleaning Auntie

No matter where you are , You are always surrounded by such a group of lovely people .

Thank them for their painstaking efforts to purify the environment for us , So we should cherish the fruits of their labor .

Old people pushing wheelchairs

*The most romantic thing I can think of ,*

*It's growing old with you .*

*——《 The most romantic thing 》*

Playing with mobile phone copper man

One of the characteristics of Chengdu , bronze image


I come from Chengdu , What do friends have to eat when they come to Chengdu ?

Hot pot , A string of , A vegetable , Barbecue , Hot and sour noodles …

Hot pot

It is said that eating hot pot is willing to , The people who accompany you to eat Yuanyang pot are true love ! Is that true ?

Sausage, bacon

This seems to be a unique thing in Sichuan ? Every family will make their own new year's Eve , Special delicious !

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