The city with temperature Heze

2020-11-17 21:20:45  作者:Photography city with temperature

Half past one in the afternoon , After dinner , The snack Lane across from the school became quiet again , No more crowding , Only a few people came to buy food , The business has been busy all noon , Finally, I sat down to eat , Here comes the customers who buy food , The boss quickly started the fire again …

“ Boss , No spicy, no lettuce , I'll transfer it to you via wechat ! You look at the ”

“ Oh, it's OK. You don't have to watch it , Come on , Here you are. ”

“ That's ok , It's gone ”

“ Take your time ”

The temperature is positive , Sunshine is lazy , happy , At this moment, the light

The picture is from a short book App

The picture is from a short book App

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