A little bit of lanca

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For two nights, the train

Look up and look around , Strange faces look at themselves like monsters , Sometimes I really don't know how to respond to their gaze , smile ? look of misery ? Or bow your head in embarrassment ,I don't know. Because some people laugh at you , It's kind to like . And some people smile at you , It means something else .

Everyone in the car has , Homeless tramps , A family of four nestling together , The backbone of nine to five work , There are also shameless salty pigs .

Dirty , Foolishly , Sit quietly , Full of heart but lonely .


My project is about fashion design , So we need to capture the soul that's gone

Inspiration comes from life

Sitting on the balcony , Close your eyes , Type lanca in your head , Search for the deepest impression of this island country .



It's a train

Leisurely shuttle in the mountains and the sea , Don't close the door , Don't close the window , The sea breeze is blowing , Long hair flying in disorder .

The picture is from a short book App

The picture is from a short book App

The picture is from a short book App


Muddleheaded , Wrong car , Went to the wrong school , Have the cheek to have an afternoon class in the wrong place . ha-ha , Stupid is as stupid does , Meet a group of lovely big students , Some are about to take the college entrance examination , Some are married and have children , Although the age is uneven , But they all got together with the original intention of learning English .

I asked : Why don't you have a holiday , Come here to learn English ?

~ Going to work in Hong Kong

~ Better educate your daughter

~ My girlfriend is in England

~~~ Etc., etc.

I have to feel that language is really important

Are you curious what I've taught them ?

Look at the picture (〃′o`)

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The picture is from a short book App

Ha ha, teach them to be cute after studying

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This place is called ccc, Full name cancer care center.

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , There's a group of people who don't have a tomorrow .

All the children in class today are wearing masks , Some have lost their hair , Some are going to be hairless , A pair of big small eyes flashing tired . however , When I laugh at them , They'll laugh at me , Sweet, warm , No fatigue , No confusion , My heart melted with laughter .

The theme of today's class is small animals , But some kids just turned three , There's no way to communicate in English . I'm stupid, too , Can't remember the local language . Can't , Only communicate with children in a way that they can accept → Meow meow ~ Five fingers open and press on your face ,this is cat. Moo ~ Six horns on the forehead ,this is cow. Teach them to use their hands to make the shape of a wild goose spreading its wings , Talk while doing this is bird. The most difficult one is the tortoise , I put my head in and out , They also learn to stretch and shrink , Ha ha ha , Some babies are not coordinated enough , The neck drives the whole body forward and back , muttered turtle. Ah, I can't stand up with laughter , Cluck Cluck These dolls are happy too .

With me is the intimate big sister Jiaojiao , Her face looks like Zhao Liying , It's beautiful, kind and has a nice voice . I like to see her smile , The curved crescent eye is beautiful. Don't want it . When you teach your baby to draw , Explain the names of each color in English , Full of love , And praise from time to time ~

Baby in green with meat , Can speak some English

Before leaving , He hugged me tightly , Kiss me on the cheek through the mask . ask : Will we see each other again ?

Red eyes , Wave goodbye .

The picture is from a short book App

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