Zhuhai, a city with temperature

2020-11-17 21:20:43  作者:Photography city with temperature

I've been through a lot of cities

But I only love a city with a good sense of rhythm

Smile up

This city is called Zhuhai

chart / writing :9 Full moon

Zhuhai College of Jilin University

《 blue 》

There is a kind of blue called Zhuhai blue

There is a kind of cloud called Zhuhai cloud

Walking under the blue sky and white clouds

People's heart is clear and clear

In Zhuhai Sports Center

《 slow 》

If you walk on Zhuhai Road

A car stopped

Don't be surprised

Nod and smile

The rhythm of life in this city is “ slow ”

It is normal for cars to yield to pedestrians

“ slow ” Out of the city conservation

Zhuhai Sports Center in the sunset

《 real 》

Struggle at sunrise

Sunset and movement

It's called enrichment

Friends of zither and zither

Bell and drum music

All kinds of life have

Lovers Road in Zhuhai

《 Diffuse 》

A long way for lovers

Walk slowly with the people around you

A slight sea breeze is blowing in my ears

Walk all the way to the love post office

Send a letter to the future of love

Love lighthouse

Zhuhai beautiful bay

《 beautiful 》

Quiet beautiful bay

Like a reserved girl

Quietly blooming their own beauty

Beautiful bay in the setting sun

Light and blue are just right

Statue of Fisher Girl in Zhuhai

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