I taught them to sing may day in Thailand

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Before you know it It's been nearly a month since I returned home

white clouds change into grey dogs Time passes quickly like a white pony's shadow across a crevice

Time is a lot faster than you think

Now every time I want to use fb/ins/line, It's always going to take a lot of effort to do vpn When I'm really, really feeling : I left Thailand I am in China .

Turn on your cell phone and there's iCloud News of insufficient space Flip through the gallery photos 7000+ video 100+, On the fb Namely 20+ Missed video and phone calls , These are the evidence I brought back from Thailand . This summer's shining evidence .

My little angels

Forget to introduce yourself

Hello, this is Amberley

stay 2017 Summer vacation adopt aiesec I went to Thailand to do X Project is called sawasdee25# LC It's Thai “ tsinghua ” Chulalongkorn University

Let's talk about the project experience first It's really good, good, good

do x I did a lot of homework to learn about lc To understand aiesec I've been reading the books for nearly a week

I saw comments on the Internet A mixed Before I leave, I'm not sure what the journey will be like I believe there are a lot of bad things It can also happen

But so what

Good or bad It's all other people's stories

I want to have my own story

I accept both good and bad This is called growth .

My favorite class

So I'll start telling my own story :

Everything was ready early etc. 7.20 This day

7.20 Early in the morning, I got on the plane alone with a big box

Four hours When I saw through the window of the plane that everything outside began to have a colorful color That's true. I'm in Thailand I can only use this in my mind colorful To describe the country where everyone is smiling in every picture of savadica

The first two days were in cu Inside ips( This lc It's really good and responsible !agenda Super compact )ips It's fun I saw a lot of beautiful little sisters and handsome little brothers It includes my buddy Ning Before she came to Thailand, she went through line Contact me ( Thailand uses line image WeChat Same existence ) But in China ios Of line It's locked I can't communicate with her at all however !!! however !!!( On the blackboard !) She knew that I was inconvenient and immediately went to download wechat and set up an account to contact me I was really moved at that time later ips I've learned a lot about other buddy I know China ep This situation Many of them began to learn to use wechat This is really touch

ips of lccu

It's over ips We got on the bus all night and went to the countryside where we taught ( As soon as the Thai bus gets on the bus, there are all kinds of food and drink distributed. It's really great ) I was assigned sisaket Four Color Chrysanthemum house

Very lucky , I live in hf It's just sisaket Center

So in China ep I see other groups in it ep When you want to eat delicious food in the city or go shopping I just don't talk

After all, my host mom Take me to... Every day night market Every day we pass by all kinds of shop I eat super rich food every day

To sisaket See my host mom and dad The first day They thought my English name was too long and immediately gave me a Thai name :มะลิ(mali- Molly means - In Thailand, jasmine is dedicated to Queen and mother The flowers of )

And then I started to look like a Thai local I started to live as well Take off your shoes and walk around the world barefoot Eat directly on the floor Knives and forks become the basic tableware A lot of meals are eaten by hand Every drink 95% Of ice Durian and ice cream every day

dedicate mom Of mali flowers

Colorful drinks

They love drawing me

say they love me

Really painting me

I'm painting, too

They are drawing me very seriously

My teaching task is to compare freestyle In the beginning, I needed to follow the only English teacher in the school tean Class together Basically, I say She translated a sentence The next week I started my independent class There are not many students in the school I need to teach all grades except kindergarten

from p1-p4 m1-m4 Equivalent to our primary school and junior high school

How to describe The time in the classroom is always the fastest and most substantial I want to fly back to the little place where I stayed for more than a month

The students' English level is not good I can only find one student and I can basically communicate with each other At other times I try to use only a few Thai words and Google Communicate with them But it's not a problem at all I feel like they all understand me

Once I was wearing a thick skirt It's hot again I sit in the classroom The sweat goes straight Wet my back The students saw Point to my back Come on, come on, say I was embarrassed … Said emm teacher ~hot~ It turned out that the next thing really shocked me They don't understand the words I say But they understood Then they brought books around me to fan me Put the fan in position and keep asking me ok Do you ok Do you At that time, I thought I really love it here

There are also children in kindergarten

Special, special, lovely !!!

The clearest eyes

I didn't teach them But they all like me And the way children express their love is always natural and simple Every time I see me They're going to yell together khun kru mali And run to me and hold me Every day So every day I melt in endless love

Hold me as soon as you see me

Go back to the things in my title

As a fan of Mayday In Thailand, I taught a class to sing 《 I suddenly miss you very much 》

Here's the thing There is a class of students who like singing very much

One day I had a class They suddenly wanted me to sing it to them I asked them Do you want to learn a song from me They were very happy Keep nodding And then I was thinking about what songs to teach And then I thought of this song I told them If I go back to China in the future They sing this song representative they Thinking about me

They write down the pronunciation of Thai in their books

Follow me over and over again

When they can sing with me

That mood I really can't describe

I took my favorite things to another country To a group of little angels that I love very much here

It became a memory that I could never forget this summer

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