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About Hangzhou , When it comes to her, people often think that this is a city of slow cafeteria with great sentiment and enjoyment , It has the reputation of heaven on earth 、 Ten Views of the West Lake 、 Xixi oxygen bar 、 The spring tide of Qianjiang River 、 Hefang Street and the prosperous market of Yujie in Southern Song Dynasty ... Let's review some travel notes while we're revising the film , Put photography in your pocket and head , Taste this historic capital .

End of September , Late summer and autumn , Seeing the scene of Hangzhou , It's really a slow city that's really suitable for slow play .

One of the Ten Views of the West Lake : Lei Feng tower

Taken on the aisle of Qiantang River Bridge @PhotoArtLife

9 month 23 Japan ( Saturday ) In the evening, I went to the West Lake first , There are not many people , The evening is wonderful . We're going to take pictures , It's not a photo ( Cover your face ).

On the broken bridge

Boating tourist


How can the West Lake be without lotus ?

Cute little girl

It's really loving each other , Dog food can be spread for a lifetime

Bai Causeway

People who draw portraits

I'm preparing to shoot the Leifeng Pagoda at night

Leifeng Tower at dusk , It's about the mood

Security personnel

It was a little foggy that day 、 The Leifeng Tower is blurred

There are also people taking pictures of the West Lake

Mysterious children

Slow and fast passers-by

The photographer ?

The starry sky above the West Lake

It's probably the cleanest Lei Feng tower film ever made tonight

The fuzzy Lei Feng tower

Juxian Pavilion

One of the ten sceneries of the West Lake

Lovers ? Okay

Mischievous boy

It's about seven o'clock in the evening , Start taking a bus to Hefang Street , Of course, it's really close from the West Lake scenic area to there , It's more convenient to ride a bike or a bus , Probably 15 minute . It is said to be a super prosperous night market , Compared with the Confucius Temple in Nanjing 、 Beijing's NanLuoGu alley is full of excitement , When you arrive at the scene, it's not surprising , It's more hustle and bustle than expected . If it's food that comes here to play , That won't disappoint you .

Yujie in the Southern Song Dynasty

Just entered a Christian Church in the old street


A teahouse

A very literary bookstore

There were a lot of passers-by , After the slow door, it's gone

There are many places to sell tea , Here's one ( A lot of places that sell Longjing )

Handicraft collection shop

downtown area - The real Hefang Street is like this

People who beat sugar cakes

It seems to be sweet

The alleys are basically interconnected

Where to stay

Slow living people walking around the bend

Slow time on the second floor

Security and the streets


A passer-by

Passers-by b

Praise for uncle !!!

The winding path leads to the secluded place

Bookstore photo

the second day (9 month 24 Japan ), I went to Meijiawu scenic spot early in the morning 、 Longjing Village , A famous tea rich in the West Lake ( There is West Lake Longjing 、 Shifeng Longjing, etc ) The place of . If it's early morning , Taking advantage of the vitality and mist in the mountains , It's estimated that there will be a lot of blockbusters , At noon, it's basically a plain view , I came to the mountains to relax .

Mobile photography @PhotoArtLife

Cold feeling mountain body

Manmen xiaoshanxi

Meijiawu scenic spot

Zhejiang University Zhijiang campus

At noon, I'll try farmhouse , Start to go to the Bank of Qiantang River , however 10 The spring tide hasn't started yet at the beginning of the month , It's also a good match to see the Six Harmonies Pagoda and the river panorama at dusk .

A straw wall

Riverside path

Standing on a bridge to watch the sunset and the Six Harmonies Pagoda

Westward declines the sun , Ship traffic

Six Harmonies tower

vertical A picture of the whole river

It's almost to the other side of the bridge , Riverside

Close up the river bank

The evening is wonderful

Fire cloud 1

Fire cloud 2

Bridgehead -> Jiangnan Avenue

A slow door track / Shutter 15 second 、 aperture f/10、ISO:50

Slow gate works @PhotoArtLife

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