City with temperature / the most incisive sunlight in Chengdu

2020-11-17 21:20:38  作者:Photography city with temperature

The Sichuan Basin lacks light , This is from high school geography .

The university came to Chengdu , Except summer , There's a lack of light , In spring, autumn and winter , All kinds of social media will carry out the sun and other photography competitions . And then you'll be surprised to find , Circle of friends can also bask in the sun like this .

It's sunny in spring and autumn, but it's warm in winter , Less warm and nice looking . In my case , Instead of encountering such a scene , It's better to stay in a season . After all, every summer , You're going to work outdoors , For three years .

then , It's the hottest summer in Chengdu every year , It's about shooting sunlight , The sunset is a wonderful opportunity .

Leave the space wide

Sunset red bus


The plane under the blue sky

The orientation of buildings along the river

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