Barcelona, a city with temperature

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Overhead view of sitting on a cable car At that time, I felt worthy of being called “ The most beautiful city in Spain ” When I was a child, I looked forward to the panorama of the Renaissance City in history books

Last night, I did microblogging , See hot search # Catalonia declared its independence # , Thinking about , Fortunately, I had already been to Barcelona before gatai became independent .

I went to Barcelona in Spain , Known as the “ The most beautiful city in Spain ” Of 、 It's a beautiful city full of art and vitality .

Take a bus into Barcelona's Piazza de Spain

Passing Queen's road in Piazza de Spain

Through the National Palace It is said that there are various authentic works of Spanish painters, such as Picasso

Spain Olympic Stadium

Spanish people who love football

The distinctive Olympic Harbor

Columbus Memorial

The great world's tallest church, the only unfinished masterpiece of the world's famous architect Gaudi —— Holy Family Church

The front of the Church of the Holy Family That is to say “ south ” People from all the famous countries competed to take pictures

On the west side of the saint family church “ Suffering side ” It records the crucifixion of Jesus

The East is not finished yet It is said to represent new life and hope

The biggest football field in Europe La Liga home —— The Camp Nou

Inside the Camp Nou

Barcelona team photo gallery

The famous luxury Street

The buildings on both sides of the street

Spanish people who also love shopping

The famous “ Mira's house ”

Cool, bold design

It's famous “ Balote house ”

Columbus monument This marks the beginning of Columbus's global discovery of the new world, and finally his return to the city here

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