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Wechat has been updated again , It can be sent directly GIF Moving graph , Win the favor of many people , Dou Tu has never lost again . But once your “ Bromance ”“ A good friend ”“ A sworn party ” Use your pictures to make a motion picture ? What can we do if we can't fight ? Don't worry. , Now I'll teach you how to make GIF The dynamic image , Make you invincible .

One use PS Make

as everyone knows ,PS Of P Graph ability is undoubtedly the most powerful ,PS Master brush a few times to get a picture . Maybe few people know PS You can also make dynamic pictures , Now I'll teach you how to make .

1, First, find the one you want to modify GIF The dynamic image , Drag in ps in .

Is it like this to drag in , A lot of layers ? That's not turning on the timeline , Let's turn the timeline on , window - Time flies .

2, And then it's dragging you “ Bromance ” Create a new window . Here I take a beautiful woman as an example .

3, And then use Polygonal Lasso Tool , perhaps Pen tools , Take you “ Bromance ” The face of , Pick it out . When you're done, press Right click - Set up constituencies .( Note here : If you want to cut the whole person , Just the whole person , Take the face as an example )

4, Okay , The picture is out , Now let's feather the picture , What does eclosion mean ? It means to blur the corners of the picture , Don't make the picture too stiff . choice - Adjust the edge .

5, Adjust the parameters inside , Adjust to your satisfaction . Adjustment complete , Let's just click and copy this button out picture . Back to this window , Paste picture .

6, Oh dear , The picture is too big , The position is crooked again , What should I do? ? We press "CTRL+T" To change the picture freely . The size can be scaled by “SHIFT” Key to zoom in and out , Put the mouse in the corner to rotate the picture . Then I adjusted the position to the right position , You can put the tick in the upper right corner .

7, And then we put the picture on top of it .

8, We start to adjust the positions of the pictures , Choose the first one on the timeline , Cover the picture. You need to P His face . After the first one is moved , And then there's the third , Fourth ... wait , Until the best one .

9, Last , preservation ,PS preservation GIF It's not just a save , To choose file - Stored as web Format used .

Two The player directly generates

More and more video players support more and more functions , among , The author takes “ Xunlei, look at the player ” For example , Play video directly generated GIF.

3、 ... and Ulead GIF Animator Software

Animation published by Youli company GIF Make software , The software is simple 、 Fast 、 Well known for its flexibility . You can save a series of pictures as GIF Animation format , More than 20 kinds of 2D or 3D The dynamic effect of . Download and go to Baidu .( And there's a cracked version of this , Search for the cracked version of , You'll see .)

The software is easy to use , Once opened, there are many options : Animation guide , Open the existing image , Open video file . Video files are direct conversion GIF. But it's better to cut a video out first , Otherwise, it's big .

Another thing I like most about this software is that it can Compress GIF, But if it's too small , The picture will be distorted .

Four Camtasia Studio 8

I've introduced this software before , It's not just for video recording , It can also be used to Generate gif.

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