No motivation to take pictures? Set yourself a list of challenges!

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Everyone will encounter the bottleneck period , After shooting for a while , You'll find that , Every time I lift the camera, I feel , It's like you've shot everything , Every time you take a picture, it looks like you've met before .

So you lose the motivation to continue shooting .

sometimes , You need to try shooting something you don't cover , Try to get out of your comfort zone , Try some new adjustments , And start acting immediately .

Sitting at home thinking won't improve your photography . You have to keep shooting to stimulate your passion for photography .

Maybe , You can make a list of challenges for yourself , Try to finish it , I believe you will rekindle your passion for photography and make greater progress .

1、 Change the angle of shooting


A lot of people are used to taking pictures in front of us , Take pictures on our line of sight level , But if we don't look at the world in another way , You'll never find out how beautiful the world is .

You can try to take pictures from a different angle , Change your perspective and line of sight . If you watch carefully , You'll find more beautiful details that you don't normally see , You'll find more interesting themes .

2、 Limit yourself to take pictures every day 36 A picture


This is equivalent to the number of rolls of film , You should cherish your shutter as much as you cherish film .

Of course, it's about taking pictures every day 36 A picture is not a random click every day 36 Secondary shutter , You need to learn to be restrained , Think before each shot , Control yourself not to take unnecessary photos . And control each photo to its best level .

3、 Take to the streets 、 wait for


Give yourself an hour a day , Walk to the corner , Fix an area , And then wait . The emergence of the decisive moment , It must be the result of waiting , We were wandering the streets , It's often disturbed , I can't make a good work .

When you find a satisfying scene , You think in your mind that if there's anything here, it's going to be the best picture , Then you need to be in the right place , Quietly waiting for your theme to come to you .

4、 Just black and white


Photography began with its birth , It's black and white , Even if our current digital camera sensor data is black and white , It's only by adding a color filter that you get all kinds of colors .

The black and white world may be abstract to the real world , But because of this , It's also unique .

You need to train your eyes to see a monochromatic world .

Up to now , There are still many photographers who insist on black and white work , Black and white photos can make elements other than color more prominent .

Taking black-and-white photos requires a good understanding of light , Have a good understanding of the light and dark distribution of photos .

Learn to shoot black and white works , It can make you understand light better , More focused on the structure of the photo .

5、 Just the same camera , The same shot

I know you all have the equipment , You just don't know what to use . Try to shoot with just one device for a while , This will sharpen your sense of photography , And what you know about the equipment .

Don't always say that your creation is limited by equipment , Try to shoot different themes with the same equipment , To train your creativity .

6、 A picture of the day


To be a good photographer , You have to take more pictures .

Take pictures every day , You can use your film camera 、 Digital camera , Or cell phones , Choose only one photo that you are satisfied with every day , But make sure that this picture means something to you .

An ongoing daily practice , By repeating , It can give you a deeper understanding of what you're doing .

We may have seen the works of countless masters , I've learned countless shooting experiences, but I still haven't made any progress ,“ The experience of photography is not recitation , But practice is cumulative .”

7、YES or NO


Take to the streets , Talk to strangers , Take pictures of them , Not everyone wants to be photographed by you , Don't hesitate to give up just because you've been rejected , Be sure to take photos .

Get at least five per day YES And five NO, You'll be happy to have a successful shot , Even if you fail, it will help you communicate with different people , And learn to face rejection .

8、 I take pictures of myself every day

It is estimated that the girls are professional masters , But it's not about taking a picture of yourself with your mobile phone and your mouth , It's about letting you shoot yourself with your camera , Or looking in the mirror , Or tripods .

Don't complain about no models , You are your own best model .

9、 Shoot with a focal length you're not good at


Always use a focal section , Preferences and habits will be limited by this shot , Try to change it .

If you are used to using 50mm, Then try a wide-angle mirror , If you're used to using a wide-angle mirror , Then try it. 105mm The lens .

Through different focal segments , You see the world differently , Maybe you'll like the new focus better and not necessarily .

In the new world , You're sure to find new themes .

But that's not the reason why you buy a lens , You can try to exchange or borrow from friends , In case you don't like it ?

10、0.7 Rice challenge


Try to fix the focus of the lens on 0.7 m , This is about the length of our arm , This exercise can force you to get closer to your subject .

Come closer and shoot , Don't be scared .

11、 Upload a photo every day , Write and experience


Try to write about how you took this picture and the story behind it .

12、 Practice blind shooting


Don't get stuck in the focus frame , The biggest obstacle to photography , It's that we always struggle to make the best composition , But it's rare to get good pictures .

Don't let perfectionism hurt you , Learn to assess focus and shoot blind , Follow your instincts and instincts , You'll get more surprises .

Bresson 、 These masters of SenShan Avenue are all masters of blind shooting .

13、 After all the work of Magnum photographer


You are what you eat! Looking at the work of these great photographers , You'll also want to make great works .

Find some photographers you like , Then by reading their works, analyzing their composition , Ask yourself , Can you shoot them like this ?

The reason why masters' classics become classics , To a large extent, they are enlightening .

You can start by imitating the masterpieces , Then gradually add your own elements .

14、 Read a photo book every month

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