Who said that a person can't travel happily

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writing / Lin Xiaobai

Every time I travel , When you're in a circle of friends , I've been left messages “ Why not let the photographer show his face ”, Every time I reply with embarrassment ,“ Because I took these pictures myself ”.

How to take photos when one is traveling seems to be a problem for many people , Let's find passers-by , It's all about luck . If you use a self timer stick to shoot yourself , Most of the time , I occupied the whole picture by myself . If you want to change that , There's only one rule —— Good use of tripods .

There are two kinds of tripods here , One is a portable tripod , I bought this one with the highest 1 rice , But it's not heavy , Fold it up and put it in your bag. It's no problem carrying it .

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There is also a kind of Octopus tripod , I prefer this kind of . Because it's lighter than a serious tripod , And it's more portable .

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Then the photo equipment that I usually take when I travel is the following :

Since the octopus tripod , I left out the portable tripod

Self shooting creates his shooting principle one : With the timer shutter

Cell phones now 、 All cameras have a timer function , At least there are 3 The second and 10 Of a second , I usually choose 10 Of a second , There will be plenty of time to find the location , To respond . So take a picture of yourself like someone else , Actually, it's a cell phone 、 Put the camera in the right place , Then set the timer shutter , Press the shutter , Stand where you want to stand , Just fine .

therefore , If it's a low position photo , For example, people sit on the ground , It doesn't even need a tripod , Just put your cell phone or camera on the chair and you can take pictures .

Self shooting creates his own shooting rule 2 : Find a place to put the camera

If you don't want to use a tripod , So you can put your cell phone or camera where you can . Like a table 、 The chair 、 Book 、 On the hat , All in all, anything that can cushion your cell phone or camera can , As long as it keeps the camera in place .

Self shooting creates his shooting principle 3 : Take a full body picture with a tripod

You can take a full body picture with a tripod , If you're carrying a serious tripod , So basically, it can be placed anywhere , As long as the place is stable . But if it's an octopus tripod , The requirements for location are relatively high , Because it's very short , So we need to find a high platform for it to put , Or just wind it around a pole , So that it has a higher perspective .

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Self shooting creates his shooting Rule 4 : Composition ahead of time , Positioning people

Before taking pictures regularly , You have to make a good composition first , Positioning people , The more detailed the positioning, the better . such as , How many lights are you going to stand under , How far away from the camera are you going to stand , Try to find a reference , You can quickly find your location after you press the shutter . Before you press the shutter , You can use an object or your own finger to focus in front of the camera , It's not easy to fall off like this , Now, of course, cell phones 、 The camera can focus automatically , The problem will be smaller .

Self shooting creates his shooting Rule 5 : Don't look at the camera 、 Create a sense of indifference

If you're using a selfie stick , You can also take good pictures , But the point is to try not to look at the camera , It's better to create a casual feeling .

It's a shitty picture , But that's what it means

Self shooting creates his shooting rule 6 : Capture the moment with Bluetooth shutter

sometimes , There will be some unexpected moments that would be great if they were photographed , But because of timing , You'll have to wait until the time comes to shoot , So you may miss some good moments . The solution is very simple , Go to a certain treasure to buy a Bluetooth shutter key , Basically all mobile phones can be used , Some brands of SLRs can only be used with cameras . This is the most common Bluetooth button I use , It supports both apple and Android phones .

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This way, as long as we set up the shooting work , It's positioned , I really feel like I can press the button when I'm ready , Or when there is an unexpected moment, you can immediately press the button to shoot .

Last , Let's talk about , Selfie still needs continuous shooting . Because you have to take a good picture , Maybe it was shot behind the back 10 Zhang 、20 Zhang's price . such as , There are fake ones ——

such as , Because I didn't control the time well , We got the semi-finished product ——

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