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Take a photo , It's easy to be animated with a sense of three-dimensional space , It's all about using this template .

Um. , Today I'd like to share a AE How to use the template , It's not some cool special effects , But it's enough to show off , A few simple steps Take a picture of yourself .jpg Turn it into animation .avi, Of course, the important thing is to adjust Three dimensional space . A little friend who often reads a Suijun's articles , I think it's familiar , Because I shared it once before jpg turn gif A tutorial for , It was from zero to some PS and AE Combined with Dafa . And this time , Templates prepare a lot of complicated operations , We have very little to do. It's very simple , Thank you very much . Or talk less about it , Let's take a look at the effect of the case first .

A standard Seaside Tour photo

After a few simple steps , 3D space animation effect

Thank you for your friendship

The template also has built-in particle animation such as rain and snow

Dynamic stick Da

Um. ,gif The reason for the compression , Let the effect be diminished , The video effect is much better . Okay , Idle time , Let's take a look at this template .

1、 Look at the template

open AE, After opening the template , You'll see its composition very clearly on the project panel , Built in a lot of scene synthesis , They're all made up of the same , There's a lot of synthesis when you turn it on , What's important is the synthesis of the main scene shown in the figure below 、 Background synthesis 、 Main foreground synthesis , So it's important to import the background and character images into the composition as shown in the figure .

Just identify these three combinations

2、 Prepare picture

This step may be a difficulty in the operation of this template , However , That's matting , Pick out the characters in the picture that we want to effect , Then save it as... With a transparent background png, And then export it after completing the background jpg, As shown in the previous step , Put them in their own combinations , And adjust the position and size of the picture in the composition . Cutout , Can be in AE of use roto Fire pen, etc , Of course, you can start with PS I've done a good job .

A Sui Jun refines first PS We should do a good job in layering

3、 Space settings

This is the key to the realization of three-dimensional parallax . open “Photo Projector Pro - Scene 01” synthesis , Then select... In the timeline panel “Controller_Basic Projection”, You can see all the space setting parameters on the effect space panel , The axis position is set in great detail 、 ground 、 sky 、 Back 、 left 、 On the right , Each item is prepared in size 、 Location 、 Adjustment of parameters such as rotation , And display in the view preview as color blocks , It's very easy to adjust .

Rich and intimate parameter setting

4、 Particle and color settings

When we set up the three-dimensional space , That is to say AE After the information in the picture , Templates also provide more ideas , Like rain 、 snow 、 Star and other particle animation preset , Just check the box , You can also set the size of the particles 、 How many? 、 Gravity value 、 Speed and other parameters , Here's the picture 1 Shown ; meanwhile , The template also has built-in tonal presets of various styles , Just check the box to color , It is simple, convenient and effective , Here's the picture 2 Shown .

Particle settings

Tone preset

5、 add to logo

Of course , Take a picture and add logo Microblog and circle of friends , It's something that a lot of kids love to do . This template is what you think , And I did logo Set up , As shown in the figure below , choice logo Layers , You can set it in the effect panel , Location 、 size 、 The rotation can be adjusted . And double click the layer , You can change your own... In the open pre synthesis logo, Very convenient , After all, it's a template .

logo Set up

6、 Do camera movement

After completing the above five steps , You can choose “Controller_Camera” Layers , To do the animation effect , It's still camera movement , Because it's a template , So you don't have to do the new camera . Key frame animation for camera motion can be done directly in the layer , As shown in the figure below , stay 0 Set a lens parameter in seconds , And then set the end shot at the last second , When this is done , Click on the space to preview the effect .

Camera keyframe animation

Let's take a look at the operation demo of the abbreviated version , The principle is as follows :

When the animation effect is satisfactory , You can import the video from the composition panel to the rendering panel and export the video , Let's look at the effect of the case :

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