Photoshop quickly turns a mobile phone photo into an inch ID photo

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Many places in our life need to use our one inch certificate photo , Today I'd like to share with you , How to use Photoshop Quickly turn a mobile phone photo into an inch ID photo , I hope that's helpful .

First , What are the requirements for an inch photo .

1. Bareheaded front photo : The portrait is centered horizontally in the photo rectangle .

2. Clothes with collars : Normal clothes are good .

3. Hair can't cover your face : To see the ears 、 See the neck , Don't wear any clothes on your head ( smart , Mohican , Rocket heads can't work ).

4. Girls can't wear heavy make-up : Don't make up too much , Affect your true face .

Let's start :

First step , Open mobile phone , Take a picture according to the above requirements , The best background is a white wall ( It's cleaner ), Of course, you can also use a desk lamp 、 White paper, etc. to increase the details of the photo 、 Texture and saturation .


The second step , open ps Software , Import as shown in the figure ( file -- open ) The photos you need to fix . Of course, when importing photos , You can also choose a shortcut , Double click the workspace directly ( The gray area in the picture ), Then select the photo to import .


The third step , Open the picture , For example, the example I chose , And copy the layer (Ctrl+J), obtain “ Layers 1”.


Step four , Put some noise in the background , Choose the stamp tool to erase ( Press and hold on the adjacent near clean background Alt key , Click the mouse to select a clean specimen , Then release Alt key , Finally, use the mouse to paint out the extra noise ), Like the lights in this picture and the poster behind it , Of course, if your photo background is clean, you can omit this step .


Step five , Then you can choose the curve tool , A little adjustment , Increase the brightness and contrast of photos . From here on, channel matting .( Whether it's a magic wand tool , Or magnetic Lasso Tool , Or pen tool , There is no channel for the hair on the edge of the head portrait, and the matting is perfect , So we still choose channel matting )

Step six , Select the channel panel as shown in the figure , And check the red, green and blue channels, which channel of gray tone foreground color and background color contrast is relatively large ( The contrast of this picture is large ), And select the channel .


Step seven , Copy the channel .( The two methods , You can right-click the green channel and select Copy channel , You can also drag the channel to the new channel icon at the bottom right )


Step eight , Select only the copied layer , Turn on the color scale (Ctrl+L), Increase the contrast between the bright part and the dark part , Move the dark slider to the left , The light slider moves to the right , Click ok .


Step nine , Choose a lighter tool , Reduce the opacity of the brush , Select highlight for range of action , Repeat the gray areas in the background until they turn white ( If the background is very white, skip this step ).


Step 10 , Choose the deepen tool , Scope selection shadow , Constantly daub the portrait and hair in the photo ( Pay special attention to the edges ).


Step 11 , Then choose the appropriate size brush tool , Portrait ( face ) All painted black ( Be careful not to get too close to the edge ).


The twelfth step , Invert the layer (Ctrl+I), If there are black spots in the white area, it's the black area that is missing , Then use a white brush to paint it white , Then press and hold Ctrl key , Then click the thumbnail of the green copy channel to load the selection .


Thirteenth Step , Pictured , Click on the little eye in front of the channel , Return to the original RGB Channel visibility .


The fourteenth step , And then back to the layers panel , And copy the selection layer (Ctrl+J), obtain “ Layers 2”.


The fifteenth step , hide “ Background layer " and " Layers 1", You can see the complete selection of hair and face, and we've finished , But if you zoom in on the image, you'll see that there are gray translucent areas on the edge of the hair , selected “ Layers 2”, Then choose the deepen tool , Select highlight for range of action , Reduce opacity , The problem can be solved by gently smearing the edge of hair , So far, we have dug out the complete portrait .


The sixteenth step , selected “ Layers 2” Under the “ Layers 1”, Then click the new layer button to create a new layer “ Layers 3”.


The seventeenth step , Click the set foreground icon to open the picker , The manual in R、G、B After the small box input data , If you want a red background, type R=255 G=0 B=0, If you want a blue background, type R=0 G=191 B=243, If you want a white background, type R=255 G=255 B=255, Then click OK .


Be careful : Generally, there are two modes for color photos (RGB and CMYK), The value can be set to :

Red :R=255 G=0 B=0 or C:0 M:99 Y:100 K:0

Blue :R=0 G=191 B=243(R=50 G=190 B=255) or C:67% M:2%Y:0% K:0%

The eighteenth step , Press down Alt+Delete Fill in the foreground , As shown in the picture, we have got the red background or blue background , At this point, we have changed the background color of the ID photo .



The nineteenth step , Choose a cutting tool , As shown in the figure, use the mouse to select from the toolbox on the left Cutting tools . And then in the shortcut menu bar , Set the width as required :2.5cm, The height is set to :3.5cm, The resolution is set to :300 Pixels . Finish cutting , We will be a perfect treatment of a mobile phone photo for an inch certificate photo .



The twentieth step , Finally, click “ file ”--“ Stored as ”, Choose where to save the picture , Enter the name of the file in the file name , Choose the format jpeg, That's it .

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