Do you rely on hard work to become a PS master? You have to learn to be lazy!

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When it comes to learning , We are always advised to work hard , However , You have to learn quickly PS This software , What's more is to learn how to “ lazy ”.

As the saying goes “ Many hands make light work ”,PS The goblin has learned this skill , It's a good thing after all , There's always a place to use , It's good to show off , Pay rise and promotion , What you learn from your hands , I can't help but feel cool in my heart .

So, Looking at other people's tumei , Looking at other people's ideas is cool , Watching others gain a lot of praise , We can't have a chance to 、 Come and get it quickly PS Is this goblin ? There must be ,Adobe Dada is still simplifying operations , Improve the use experience ,PS It's just going to get better and better , Better and better .

A Suijun is a chestnut , As “ show off literary skill ” Chinese paper , Three, five, two , Find the right way , Practice hard , You see ,PS Just come to my bowl .

Okay , Idle time , Book back to the main body , Here's a Suijun's notes from an online sharing class , Choose the summary of key knowledge , Sum up one or two , Hope to help and inspire those who want to learn , Of course, we also welcome exchanges and common progress .

How about the learning method , It's also a kind of constantly improving ecology , Because we're all improving , isn't it? ? Here's a simple mind map , It basically presents the main points of the class , Let's give you an intuitive feeling first .

Study , Apart from diligence , You have to learn to be lazy

This paper focuses on the methodology of zero basis quick start , And the limit of the length , Some of the contents can only be described in simple terms , So maybe for PS The old driver said , It may be a little superficial , Let's not talk about , Just talking about the introduction . If we answer this sharing topic from the perspective of methodology ? In a word Namely : On the right bed , Do good work , Cool to the heart .

It's like something's wrong ( Ponder .gif)

EH , It seems a little dirty . The adult translation is : Appropriate PS Learning view , Systematic learning and practice , Use shortcuts to improve efficiency .

The so-called army and horse do not move, food and grass first , learn PS We also need to have a correct attitude ,“ Learning view ” by the way , The door took a big step forward . therefore , here “ On the right bed ” It is the attitude of learning to be positive , It mainly consists of two steps , The first step is Get rid of PS The idea that's hard to learn .

Maybe a lot of friends are right about PS First impressions are “ difficult ”, Tedious operation , Cumbersome software interface , A tedious tutorial , There's no way to start . however ,PS Is it difficult or not ? Is it easy to learn ?

On this issue, I interviewed Du Fu who was very busy , And he replied to me with a Tibetan poem .

Du Fu is very busy , Also learn PS

Make a picture, make a joke , What I want to tell you is , Software is just tools , Why should we learn PS Well ? To put it bluntly , We're not learning at all PS, We are trying to express ourselves , Satisfy yourself , Whether it's for yourself P A little bit more beautiful 、 Be handsome , Or to synthesize everything in the universe into a square inch , What is stirring is aesthetic desire , It's the desire to create , It can even be the desire to show off . therefore ,PS The biggest attribute of goblins should be toys , Not a tool .

“ On the right bed ” Second parts , Namely Be clear about your learning purpose ,PS So many functions , I can do so many things . To draw a reference line for learning , It's a comprehensive grasp of , Or a little bit more . Set a goal , It's good to learn less after the wrong road , A stroke is a stroke , Maximize your goals in the least amount of time .

that PS Can do something ?

For example, color matching saves waste film

Like synthesis , Put sun Honglei into western classic paintings , Um. , This is very beautiful

For example, take photos P It's a two-dimensional manuscript

Like designing Fonts

Like making emoticons

Like expressing hate for Monday's arrival

This is just PS A small part of what can be done , In a word , Apply the big power to speak for a city advertising words is : Artifact PS, What a panacea . therefore , Beginners need a major learning goal , So as not to eat too much .

that PS How to learn ?

With the right attitude to learn ( It's like a learning committee member ), Quick start and improve PS, does : Once you find the right way to learn , 2. Find exercises that bring satisfaction . The core of the former is the course itself , One is their own taste , That is, the food and appetite should be on the right side . We all know the true meaning of the latter , Optics doesn't practice fake tricks . You have to practice , You have to find satisfaction . And this is “ Do good work ”.

Internet age , Free of charge 、 There are so many tuition books , Innumerable , From systematization, such as the textbook version of the large and complete basic course , To small cases , That's too much , How to choose is very important ? Because a famous saying tells us : Less is more , therefore , Remember not to be greedy , It's time to learn .

First of all , How to learn systematically , If you have a heart 、 sincerely 、 After that, we should study hard PS, So start from scratch , Learn the basics , It's still necessary .

System learning , Two places are recommended first , One is Adobe The official website and official HELP file , Although the way of telling is boring , But it's through the heart of software , Instead of , Use as you turn , It is recommended to be on its official website in the United States . Second, a Suijun benefited a lot from teacher Li Tao's series of courses , Teacher Li Tao's lecture is very interesting , Explain profound theories in simple language .

And the specific case study , Here we strongly recommend the website navigation page of Yushu , Not only is the tutorial site rich and practical , And the website of resource class also is not too much .

I'm tired of talking too much , So the direct statistics of some websites to you .

1.PS Official website of the United States :

  1. official help: link : password :zosn

3.《Photoshop The road to master chapter 》

4.《Photoshop The way to master is improved 》

5.《 Digital classroom for mass photography 》

6.《Photoshop Tips 》

PS: If you really finish reading , At the same time, I have practiced the above courses , I believe you will understand the reason why I listed them here .

  1. Excellent web design, especially his navigation channel
  2. Standing cool :


Of course , Choose the right course , The most important thing is how to learn the course . First , First step , Note taking ; second , Do exercises , In particular, you should find the right place to use the knowledge you have learned in your work or study life , Put this to use . Especially when doing the exercises of individual course cases , Don't just stay in case exercises , It's about learning to extract knowledge from cases , And focus on skills that meet your core needs .

To sum up : Study the course reasonably , Scene based actual operation .

The above is “ diligence ” The old way to learn , In the whole PS In the process of learning , There is another one that can't be bypassed , It is also highly recommended that “ Lazy Dafa ”.

and “ lazy ” As lazy as you can steal , Most often “ steal ” It's just :

  1. Preset ( action 、 paint brush 、 style 、 Color search 、ACR Color setting, etc )
  2. Filter ( Built in and third party )
  3. add-in ( As a panel instead of a floating window , Reference line , Color matching ,3D Maps, etc )

For example, the action presupposition

Many action presets can be used with the simplest operation , It's a really cool effect , It's a necessary artifact for lazy people or Xiaobai , For example, the following cases , They're all typical action presets . Yes, of course , Besides the action , paint brush 、 Style and other presuppositions are also very powerful .

For example, the sands discrete effect

For example, one click ink wash effect

For example, color matching preset

Another example is that the frequency of use is very high “ Color matching ”,PS There are also a lot of presuppositions , Include ACR Preset 、 Color search preset 、 Curve presets, etc , It's very fast to get the pictures out. Good 、 Professional colors , such as :

For example, one button portrait color matching

For example, one click landscape color matching

Another example is the intelligent object

recycling PSD When the source file , The beauty of intelligent objects is , Just double click it , Put your own content in it and save it , You can get instant results , For example, when making special effects Fonts , The following is a typical example of the special effects font of Hollywood blockbuster posters , Just double-click to enter our own text , It's easy to make a Harry Potter style font .

For example, imitate a font to play , It will be done soon

A filter is a good thing

PS The filter is just gray and beautiful , How much has been saved , The most important thing is besides PS Out of a bunch of filters , Many third-party plug-in manufacturers produce a variety of easy to use filters , For example, the following two are also from Topaz Manufacturer's filter .

For example, a Suijun introduced Impression Filter

There's too much to say about filters , Because of the limitation of the theme, the class did not start , Here we can say a few words , One is the built-in filter , Let's open PS Go straight to the menu and it's clear , Of course, there are some filters that you may have been missing , When I have time, I will share it with you .

Third party filters are so much easier to use , Like the following , It's definitely worth noticing

  1. Google added NIK series

2.Topaz series

  1. Alien series
  2. Red star's light effect and color matching series

5.One series

There are many things that are easy to use , If you have the opportunity to introduce .

About extension 、 Script 、 Automatic, etc

“ Extend the functionality ”, On the menu bar “ window ” You can find .Adobe Color Thems It's a very good extension , Others include reference lines 、 All kinds of colors 、 do 3D On the map , Sliced and so on , It is also a treasure house worth developing .

Famous reference line extension

“ Script ”, Under the file menu , In other words, it is another kind of presupposition , For example, the most commonly used image processor , Is a batch change image size and format function , Very, very easy to use , It's recommended to try .

Batch modification , It's too good to use

Automatically , It's also a function under the file menu . It's also a basic feature that is easily overlooked , For example, it is necessary to customize batch processing . and “ Cut and trim the photo ” Automatic function , It can help us to take a series of pictures that are not neat enough , It's well cut and trimmed , Very practical .

these “ Lazy artifact ” Each one is very simple , But there's still a lot to share , Encourage people to try more 、 practice .

as for , these “ Lazy artifact ” Where to find , Learn how to search well. If you want to find it, find it , And stand cool 、 Websites like Yushu are treasure trove , Search and see . Of course , It is also recommended to come to Jianshu to find a Suijun , Because while sharing artifacts , A Suijun will share the usage and so on , Work together with more intimate articles PS.

Finally, something like saying

No matter what software we learn ,PS Good ,PPT Let it be , Realize that , We don't just want to be a skilled software operator , It's about growing into an influential artist or at least an aesthetically interesting Technician .

It's about what constantly separates greatness from mediocrity , My answer is iteration ( Multiple operations ) And solidify technical skills , Make these skills happen faster and more effectively , That's how your creativity will show off .

Finally, I'd like to give you a piece of chicken soup : The most beautiful experience we can have is incredible —— It's the original emotion based on the cradle of true art and true science .

This is what Einstein said , Really? .

Share with you , Together to build a better self .

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