Suzhou impression ‖ I want to get away from the good of Suzhou in the textbook and feel the beauty of Xiaoqiao and Shuishui people

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Beautiful Suzhou

I've been on the high-speed rail for more than eight hours , I don't feel tired at all . Probably , The longing and yearning of Suzhou in my heart can resist the drowsiness brought by the long journey .

This strange city , Bring me another feeling . The so-called poetry and the distance , The answer can be found here .

That's why , I see more possibilities in the world , Feel the beauty out of the textbook .

《 An invisible city 》 As mentioned in the book “ The other place is a mirror on the opposite side . The traveler can see how little he has , And how much he never had and never would have .”

This kind of bridge is beautiful for people , Maybe language is difficult to describe accurately , But as a character lover , I still hope to record the road I have walked under my feet , What I saw in my eyes , Take you to feel the comfortable life in Jiangnan .

Day1: Garden of the Master of Nets ~ Suzhou Pingjiang historical and Cultural District ~ Watch the front street

Garden of the Master of Nets

As the only garden with open night view , No doubt it's the best choice for us to play at night .

It is worth mentioning that , You can not only enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the net teacher garden at night , And you can listen to Pingtan .

Suzhou Pingtan is the general name of Suzhou Pinghua and Suzhou Tanci , It is a traditional opera form of storytelling in Wu language . Personally feel , Don't listen to Pingtan , Suzhou is in vain .

There are ancient instruments ensemble in wangshiyuan 、 Kunqu Opera 、 Pingtan 、 Guqin 、 Tea art and other performances , There are eight performances , All the performances are in the garden .

Kunqu Opera 《 Travelling in the Garden 》

Kunqu Opera 《 dream 》

Flute 《 Curl my eyebrows 》《 Women's country 》

Guqin 《 Good night leads to 》

Suzhou traditional drama 《 Fifteen passes . Interview the mouse and measure the characters 》

Pingtan performance 《 To Moor at Night at the Maple Bridge 》

Ancient instruments ensemble

Mountains and rivers

Listed by UNESCO 《 World cultural heritage list 》 Although the scale of the net teacher's garden is small , Deep in the alley , But change the scene , It's a window to quickly understand Suzhou culture .

There are tour guides in both Chinese and English . It takes about 40 About minutes , But it's worth recommending .

Our play time is 5 late , The ticket price is 100 element , There is no student price , You can book tickets online one day in advance for 95 element . The opening hours of the night garden are 19:30.

Suzhou Pingjiang historical and Cultural District

Knock on the blackboard , Pingjiang historical and Cultural District in Suzhou is a place that food lovers can't miss . A poetic and picturesque shop , A block with Jiangnan characteristics , ad locum , As a food eater, you will feel great satisfaction .

In front of the store



Time code shop

Boatman singing folk songs


Beef noodle

Watch the front street

Guanqian Street is a famous commercial pedestrian street in Suzhou , Buy a place for girls , There are many famous shops here , Reasonable price , New style .

Guanqian Street at night

Day2: Suzhou museum ~ Humble Administrator's garden ~ Lion Grove Garden

Suzhou museum

Mr. Pei uses “ Not high 、 not big 、 Don't stand out ” Principles , Responsible for the design of Suzhou Museum , Make it a perfect match with the surrounding gardens 、 add radiance and beauty to each other , It has become the harmony between the tradition and the modern of Suzhou culture “ Double sided embroidery ” works .

The picture is from a short book App

Mr. Pei is good at geometry and light , The roof of the hall 、 The lampshades on the bar are all geometric , It gives people a visual breadth , And the geometric roof design avoids direct sunlight .


West Corridor

Rubble rockery , The scenery is picturesque . There are four trees in the garden , Among them, pine and cypress location is the best shooting point .

The front of the hall

Pine and cypress location shooting

A little movement , A combination of motion and stillness . The pond in the back garden is quiet , The indoor water curtain wall is a dynamic scene . It is hard to imagine , The office of the museum is just below the pond in the back garden .

Indoor water curtain wall

Indoor display is worth watching carefully . There are many bronzes and Jades from the spring and Autumn period , Cultural relics unearthed in the yuan and Ming Dynasties . Different exhibition halls , Different feelings .



in addition , It's important to note that , Suzhou museum 1960 established , The site of the museum is the site of the palace of Li Xiucheng, the loyal king of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom . The Zhongwang mansion of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is now part of the Suzhou Museum , Free to the outside world .

Zhongwang mansion of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

A corner of Zhongwang mansion of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom


Humble Administrator's garden

Humble Administrator's garden and Beijing Summer Palace 、 Chengde summer resort 、 Suzhou is known as the four famous gardens in China . among , The Humble Administrator's garden is known as “ The first of the four gardens in China ”. It was built in the early years of Zhengde in the Ming Dynasty (16 At the beginning of the century ), It is a representative work of Jiangnan classical garden .

Humble Administrator's garden

The landscape centers on water , The landscape lingers , Change the scene , It's full of poetry and painting . In the impetuous world , Enjoy the beautiful scenery here quietly , Slow down attitude to life , It will make you feel another kind of beauty .

Lion Grove Garden

Lion forest is one of the four famous gardens in Suzhou , The biggest characteristic is that there are many stone peaks , Known as the “ Rockery Kingdom ” The reputation of . The labyrinth of lion rock is worth experiencing , To realize the beauty of it .

Lion Grove Garden

Lion Grove Garden

Day3: Ancient city wall ~ Kunqu Opera Museum ~ Pingtan Museum ~ The number one scholar Museum

Suzhou ancient city wall , first impression , It's not as big as Nanjing 、 The walls of ancient capitals such as Beijing are so magnificent . however , Build on water , There's no charm .

Ancient city wall

Ancient city wall

Kunqu Opera Museum

Kunqu Opera is known as “ The mother of all kinds of drama ”, Originated in Kunshan area of Suzhou . It's not just stage art , It is also a way of life closely combined with the times .

Kunqu Opera Museum

ad locum , You can feel its unique charm . Learn about a culture , Feel an art , All rivers and mountains are always in love .

Kunqu Opera Museum

Suzhou Pingtan Museum

Walking into Pingjiang road , Turn into zhangjiaxiang , It's Suzhou Pingtan Museum . Suzhou Pingtan is known as “ The most beautiful voice in China ”, It can be called the essence of Jiangnan culture .

Pingtan Museum

Holding a cup of tea , Listen to the city's elegant voice full of Suzhou style , Taste the colorful citizen culture , It's also a kind of enjoyment of beauty .

Pingtan Museum

Suzhou champion Museum

It was the former residence of Pan Shien , Later, it was changed to Suzhou champion Museum . There are many number one scholars in Suzhou , Known as the “ No.1 scholar in Suzhou ” The reputation of the , go by the name of “ Home of the number one scholar ”.

The number one scholar Museum

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