Travel to Yunnan, this strategy is worth having!

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Write it at the front :

Sky blue , Cloud white , Mountain green , Hua Hong , Nature's gift palette , The color is just right . Facing Erhai Lake , Back against Cangshan , Let go of all fatigue , Take a leisurely walk , Enjoy the beautiful scenery , Take a big breath of pure air .

Stay away from the Internet , I'm afraid mobile phones can only be used to take pictures here !

Let's throw some beautiful pictures first :

Erhai Lake is not a sea , yes lake

The boat is sailing in the lake

Flowers compete with sunshine

Do you want a postcard

There's no special plan , It's easy to get along with your partner , Work out the route , make a flight reservation , Booking accommodation , The preparatory work will be done soon .

Travel includes round trip :5 God 4 night ; The specific time is :5 month 31-6 month 4 Japan .

main line : Xi'an to Dali , Go to Lijiang , After returning from Lijiang to Xi'an .

Innocent and clean vs A flower without name

Blue and purple flowers

The specific strategy is as follows :

One . Commute

6 Yunnan's tourism is in the off-season around June , The ticket price is very favorable , So the plane was chosen , advance 10 Booking tickets online in about days .

Commuting expenses , Including air tickets and other transportation expenses , Total about :1290RMB

The ticket amount :1013 RMB

Detailed :

Xi'an -- Dali :442

Lijiang - Xi'an :471

Round trip fuel service charge :100

Other transportation expenses :277 RMB

Detailed :

To Xi'an Airport :88/4=22

Dali airport to Shuanglang :140/4=35

Charter a car around the lake for a day :360/4=90

Double corridor to the ancient city :120/4=30

From ancient city to chaicun wharf :13.5/4=3.375

Chaicun wharf to Gucheng railway station :60/4=15

Ancient city to Lijiang train ticket :34/ people

Lijiang railway station to inn :40/4=10

Lijiang to Lijiang Airport :80/4=20

Airport to residence pick up :70.4/4=17.6

Meet Erhai Lake

Look at the lake

Summary :

  1. Take a taxi at Dali airport , But first 【 sound of dripping water 】 Let's estimate the price , In case of a pit . Remember the taxi we took , At first the driver asked us to 200RMB, Fortunately, we have estimated the price in didi in advance , So the final negotiation 140RMB, Kill nearly 60RMB.
  2. Tour around Erhai Lake . It is recommended to go around the lake counter clockwise , There are ways of cycling around the lake ( Battery car , Divided into high power and small power , But it's said that the power of small power is hanging around the lake ), Or charter a car around the lake . We charter a car around the lake , The driver was introduced by the innkeeper , Uncle is very kind , Also talkative , Talk to us all the way , Talk about the local customs ; When you get out of the car to take a close look at the scenery , Also teach us composition and posture , The girls are so beautiful that they shoot for a long time , Uncle waited patiently , It didn't seem anxious or helpless .
  3. Erh seaside , There are a lot of props , Net, red glass ball, sea table, etc , Average charge , But remember to compare the goods , Glass balls are hanging in the air , While shooting , Pay attention to safety .
  4. To the ancient city , It's a taxi recommended by the owner of the inn , The price is right , People are friendly , So I left the master's contact information , The rest of the trip is basically him , We saved a lot of things , The master doesn't worry about losing customers .( yunnan , off season , Taxi business is not very good )

An ancient town

Tie dye hand made

  1. In order to better experience the local customs , From the ancient city to Lijiang , I chose the train . Look up , The carriage is full of young and strange faces , Opposite is a couple of lovers , After talking, I learned that they worked in Guangdong , I came to Dali to take wedding photos . Dali travel photography has always been very popular , But after that , Finally, I knew that she was angry for a reason , No need to add filters , Every frame is as beautiful as a picture .( The weather is very important )
  2. Most of them take taxi outside , Because colleagues 4 people , So the average cost is not much different from that of bus , It's also an advantage of having more people travel , Besides , It's also safer to travel together . Of course , A pleasant journey , Travel partners with similar personalities are also very important , Very lucky , The same sisters are in the same company .

Dali ancient city foreigners Street

School is over

Two . accommodation

yunnan 5 The actual route of the day is :

Double gallery :2 God , Dali :1 And a half days , Lijiang :1 And a half days

There must be 3 A place to live ,4 personal ,2 I live in the same room

Double gallery -- The two corridor Bluebook Hotel :2 On the evening of :330/4=82.5RMB

Dali -- Cuihua falls in love with sauerkraut inn :1 On the evening of :220/4=55

Lijiang -- The South Bank Inn :1 On the evening of :251/4=62.75

About accommodation :200RMB

Summary :

  1. The first one : The two corridor Bluebook Hotel : Retro industrial style decoration style , Close to the sea , clean , The bathroom is separate from the bathroom , The whole experience was very enjoyable , Suitable for vacation ,【 Where are you going? 】 You can book online .
  2. The second : Dali -- Cuihua falls in love with sauerkraut inn : Partial literary style , There are several branches , among 6 The roof of No , The shop also offers volunteers to help shoot , Very clever , We just settled in 6 Number courtyard , It's just a shot by myself .emmm, It turns out that the sky doesn't have to be photographed by the sea . Can be found in 【 Meituan 】 Make a reservation , The only bad thing is that the room is near the side of the road , It's a little noisy .

The picture captured , The bride is beautiful

  1. A third : Lijiang -- The South Bank Inn : Chinese style decoration style , Clean and sanitary , The sound insulation effect of the room is a little poor , The voice of the guest in the next room seems to be in my ear ; But the owner is very particular about the tea ceremony , During the break in the hall , The shopkeeper made tea for us , It's also very warm .

3、 ... and . diet

The food is healthy and fresh .

Rice noodle It's a local staple food , The color is white , The taste is crisp and soft , Of course , Besides tasting authentic rice noodles , I also ate local fish and other special dishes . Because the water quality of Erhai Lake is good , So the fish tastes delicious and tender , We have been in the city for a long time , A simple boiled vegetable leaf , But in the mouth to eat out full of fragrance , It's like going home to eat mom's dish , No spray of any medicine , Natural growth .

Except for the occasional self pay breakfast , The rest of the diet is big pot rice ,AA system .

Approximate :350RMB

All kinds of rice noodles, please

It's not bad

Dali ranch , Yogurt is delicious

Look at these pictures , Instant hunger liao , Resist the ~

Four . other

Specialty : Flower cake , Ancient brown sugar , Tie dye hand made , Small gifts, etc , Approximate :300RMB

dress :200RMB

Approximate :500RMB

The four items add up to :2340RMB( Commute 1290+ accommodation 200+ diet 350+ other 500)

The founding of new China 70 Anniversary of the , Hard core pictures to Zhenlou ~

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