[photography] one day trip to qujia in Shanxi

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today , Take the government's through train for a day tour , Destination —— Pingyao beef Museum and qujia courtyard .

It's really good for the government to open a through train for the benefit of the people : Just pay 200 Yuan can be a one-year member , Travel unlimited . A short day tour , There's no round-trip fare , Just pay 5 The insurance premium of $1 . The first ticket to the scenic spot 60-65 You can be free over the age of .60 Tickets under the age of 15 enjoy preferential group purchase price .

First stop , Pingyao Yunqing beef Museum . Then I went to a health care center in Pingyao . Beef and Chinese medicine are recommended , Mainly shopping . I've spent the whole morning here .

Yunqing beef

Health Club

My shopping

And then the group meal , Everyone 25 element .

The second stop , Qu family's compound .1:20 To the courtyard of Qu family ,2:40 Return journey .

Qujia courtyard is located in Qi county , From Qiao's courtyard 5 km , It was the house of Qu benqiao, a famous commercial and financial capitalist in Qing Dynasty , Commercial capital reaches 1000 Ten thousand Liang silver . The qujia courtyard was built in the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty , Already existed 300 Years of history , Covers an area of 5300 Square meters , Construction area of 3200 Square meters , It's a five step courtyard , share 3 Courtyard ,19 A small courtyard ,240 A house , Ming Lou yuan , Tong Lou yuan 、 Railyard 、 The stage and theater are skillfully combined , Elegant and exquisite .

1993 year , Use the courtyard of Qu family to set up the Museum of Shanxi Merchants culture ,1996 year 9 Officially open to the outside world in . The exhibition content is divided into Shanxi Merchants overview 、 Famous ticket number 、 Big business, big business 、 Patriotism 、 Business events 、 The QUS family 、 Origin of Jin Opera 7 Big series , common 28 Exhibition rooms , The exhibition area is close to 5000 Square meters . The research results of Shanxi business culture are shown in a relatively concentrated way , It reflects the 500 years history of Shanxi Merchants' success in business , Artistic reproduction of the Jin business activities of the footprint , It suggests the secret of the success of Jin Merchants .

1999 year , Around the culture of Shanxi Business , And use the surrounding residential courtyard , The tea house museum was opened , Jinshang escort agency Museum , Jinshang Jixian Museum , It makes the exhibition content of Shanxi business culture more abundant , Make people enter Qixian County as soon as possible , Go into the canal house , There is a preliminary impression of Jin Shang culture , Stimulate everyone to study the history of Jin business . TV series 《 Ticket number of changjinyuan 》 It was created and photographed with the qujia as the prototype .

Qujia courtyard is a traditional residential building built in Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty , Located in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province , The owner of that year built in the county 40 A courtyard , said “ Qubancheng ”.

The total area of the whole building group 23,628 Square meters , Now, it has been developed 7,500 Square meters , The whole courtyard is grand and solemn , High and majestic , The weather is so heavy , It exudes the spirit of Chinese traditional culture 、 temperament 、 romantic charm .

The rare five way hall in the country . Ming Lou yuan 、 Tong Lou yuan 、 Railyard 、 The stage and theater are skillfully combined , Strewn at random have send . Hanging from the top of the mountain 、 gable and hip roof 、 Roll up the shed 、 The hard mountain tops are in different forms , The other , It is concentrated on the elements of Chinese traditional culture and profound artistic background , It has a very high cultural value 、 Artistic value and humanistic value .

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