Strategy │ five girls per capita 500 yuan to see the sea in yangmeikeng, Shenzhen, and live in the balcony and sea view room

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If boring , Just look at the sea , You don't have to chase true love . Lonely and lovely .” Humming Yang Qianhu 《 A humble abode 》 The lyrics in the song , Four of my close friends and I started a sea trip .

It's very close to Guangzhou , We looked for some tips and recommendations on Weibo , See yangmeikeng clean water , There are few people , After comprehensive consideration, we chose yangmeikeng to see the sea ~ We set the time for our visit to 6 month 27 Day and 6 month 28 Japan , Take June's tail and set off for the sea !

I have to say that this short-term two-day one night tour is a complete surprise ! So I would like to share with you some small experience of deer and deer ~

【 live 】

Deer and deer feel that every time they travel , The first thing to do is to choose a place to stay , Because it will be better to determine the route to play , The problem of eating .

Before I set out with a few friends , After deciding on the location of yangmeikeng , On public reviews and flying pigs “ Yangmeikeng ” Search nearby hotels for points , Not too far from yangmeikeng , A few of us want to see the sunrise and sunset at sea , Considering the location , After the price and the pattern of hotel rooms , I chose a B & B just a few hundred meters away from the sea , Independent balcony, sea view room , Standing on the balcony, you can see the sea , It can be said that it is very nice, There are two beds in the room , Namely 1.8 Rice and 1.5 m , Tatami style , It's very suitable for a group of girlfriends and a family (´-ω-`) By the way, there are mahjong tables in the room , But none of us will , So it's used as a shelf ~

B & B has no elevator ( According to the boss of mingsuo, there is no elevator in the B & B by the sea ) Our room is in 6 floor , It's too tired to get up , But the scenery is good , The furniture in the room looks a bit old , But it works , It doesn't matter ~

We 5 The individual is booking online first ( A week before the trip ), Then go to pay the deposit directly and check in with the ID card .

One day we choose is the Dragon Boat Festival holiday , So the price went up a lot , It is suggested that the partners who want to play should not book rooms on holidays , Price fluctuation is 100 element ……

B & B is seen in public reviews , We chose to be near yangmeikeng 500 Middie Momo beach house , A separate balcony and sea view room has been reserved , Double bed ( a sheet 1.8 Rice's bed , One is 1.5 rice ) Tatami style ,5 It's just right for me , It's also suitable for girlfriends or family to go out to play ~

The decoration and design of the room is relatively simple , The floor is 6 floor ( It is suggested that friends should not choose so high , Because there is no elevator ! The boss said that there were no elevators in the neighborhood ), price is 1060 Yuan a night , Spread it out, everyone is 212 element ~

The balcony is really awesome , You can see the sea directly , And watch the sunrise , The wind in the morning and at night is very comfortable , The scenery is also very good (*๓´╰╯`๓), But it's sunny at noon , Pay attention to sunscreen

There is also a small rocking chair on the balcony , In the evening, I eat barbecue with the sea breeze , It's great to eat watermelon ~

Shoot sunrise in the morning ~

【 That's ok 】

The time we choose to play is after the Dragon Boat Festival 6 month 27 Day and 6 month 28 Japan ,6 month 27 I'll go to , It's just in time to watch the sunset , We are directly in 【 Harrow travel 】( Alipay can pay attention to a taxi ) Direct to B & B ,6 month 28 In the afternoon, we also charter a bus to Guangzhou .

The driving distance is about 3 Hours , In terms of the fare , A car for four of us is 325 element *2( Back and forth ), Increase the express fare 100 element ( Return journey 89 element ) remember , We should discuss with the driver about the high-speed feiha ( The suggestion is to look directly at how much the highway charges ), So the average travel cost of the four of us is 200 element ~

If you have a friend who wants to go to Guangzhou , It's really cost-effective to charter a car , Because if you take the high-speed rail , It will be tiring to transfer , The cost is about the same ( The EMU is one way 80 About yuan )

We have a friend in Shenzhen , She took the subway to bus from Longgang District to our B & B ~ If you have friends in Shenzhen who want to play , You can take the subway + Go by bus , There is a direct bus stop (´-ω-`)

【 eat 】

When we meet , I went to eat , There is a saying and a ha , The things near the scenic spot are really expensive , Eat a bowl of noodles 20 Yuan of above ……

If it's a short-term partner , Bring your own instant noodles ( I don't know what I'm talking about (ー_ー)!!), Our party mainly ate flour and barbecue ( Night snack ) Everyone spent 100 More. ( Afternoon + Food taken late at night + breakfast )

【 play 】

It was afternoon when we went to the seaside 15 Some more , Eat the rice 16 Some more , And then go on a yacht to that 《 Mermaid 2》 Shooting base ~

Have to say , It's great to be on a yacht !

The yacht goes back and forth alone 50 element , I feel it's worth it , Because it's exciting to fly on a yacht on the sea , The scenery is beautiful too (。・ω・。)ノ

The sea is very close to people , It's so far away , When the boat slowly opened, I felt calm and indifferent , It's very exciting when it's bumpy ! Hi ! And the scenery is really beautiful ~(50 Yuan a person back and forth , I think it's worth it , Watch out! , Yacht return time is 18:00, So we have to go earlier )

We went to the mermaid shooting base by yacht , It is also called luzui villa , After climbing for a while , Turn over and look at the mermaid base , Nothing special …… No, the mountains and the sea are beautiful , The sky is blue , The sea is clear blue , This makes the scenery more pleasant ~

Mermaid shooting base

( What's more irritating is , At the mountain and scenic spot fence , And there's a tissue in the sea , Mineral water bottle , I feel very angry , It's such a beautiful scenery that people litter , How willing to destroy …… can't follow the reasoning . I hope everyone will collect their own garbage when they go to play , Don't litter )

From the mermaid shooting base back to the hotel is 18 Some more , The sun has gone down , And left a few rays of sunlight , A few of us stood in front of the bank and looked at the sea , Listen to the waves , From the sea breeze , Enjoy the moment quietly , Until night falls , So I went back with my shoes .

the second day , We want to see the sunrise ,5 More points , I wanted to go to a place with a big beach , I don't know how ( I can't get up ), I saw it on the balcony ……

Watching the sunrise , After breakfast , We want to find a bigger beach to play with , But I don't know the way (=_=) Just walk along the front of the road , I met an uncle , Ask us where we want to go , We see the price chart of the speedboat next to it , I pointed to a beach in the picture , As a result, the uncle said he could take us to ,30 Yuan back and forth , We thought about it and got on the bus , Uncle drove us along the road we used to take , For a while , We drive by the sea road , Looking out of the window, the blue sea and blue sky are connected together , Feel in Miyazaki Hayao's animation world , Very healing , It's wonderful !

Arrived at the destination , It's even more amazing ! Maybe that's why we came early , There's no one on the beach , It feels like we've contracted ~

Sea and mountain , It's all beautiful , Green and blue ~

The water is very clear , Make people linger

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