Photographers play with mobile phone photography like this, and you can do it after watching it

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do not know why , I've been fascinated by photography since college , Bought the SLR , But after all these years , As if only stay in love , There's no progress in technology . So I'm not a photographer , But I'm not a headline party either , The content is full of dry goods . Especially in recent years, I like to play with new digital products , More energy is transferred to mobile phone photography , It can't be said that there has been any achievement , There are still some tricks , I believe it can help you to improve the quality of friends circle photos . most important of all , It's all my practice , And simple enough tricks , I will , How could you not , Is it right? ?

The skills shared today are suitable for all types of photography , But it's all landscape photography , After all, scenery photography is simple , And it's easy to shoot , Let's start with the simple . What's more, the camera of mobile phone is advancing too fast , One click into a piece , The difficulty of taking good pictures has been greatly reduced , And the equipment is already a human resource , At this time, the quality of the photo mainly depends on the head behind the camera , So today more techniques are simple and practical composition skills , As soon as we see it .

1:1 Specimen copy 1

This proportion of the photo is ignored , Seldom used , But it has two advantages :

1、 Mobile phone is more convenient to watch : The default photo scale is 4:3, At this ratio , Photos are more suitable for viewing on a computer ; Another ratio is 16:9, This kind of photo is very powerful on the mobile phone when it is upright , But when it's horizontal, it's going to lose a lot of color ;1:1 It happens to be in it , And after the mobile phone has become our main platform for information exchange ,1:1 More suitable for mobile phone reading experience ;

2、 It looks very chic : Because everyone is used to using 4:3 and 16:9, So this ratio will be even more unique .

You might as well set the photo scale of the camera to 1:1 Have a try , It's all the proofs 1:1 Shot in proportion , Let's start with a couple of samples .

1:1 Specimen copy 2

1:1 Specimen copy 3

1:1 Specimen copy 4

Jiugongge assisted composition

When we were children, we all learned the importance of the golden ratio , The main body on the golden intersection will make the photo appear primary and secondary , More in line with the public aesthetic , It can also get rid of the rigidity of putting the subject in the middle . And the mobile phones are all equipped with the Jiugongge of the picture above , You may as well open , When taking a picture, try to put the subject on the intersection point , The picture will look different , Is it simple .

Left intersection sample 1

Left intersection sample 2

These two photos are typical of the golden intersection composition , One third of the main body is on the left , The focus of vision is to see the subject at a glance .

Right intersection sample 1

Right intersection sample 2

The focus of these two pictures is at the intersection of the lower right corner , To the point , Also get rid of the rigidity of the center of the subject .

The bottom intersection sample

The extension of the golden section , It's also called a third composition , That is, the subject occupies one third of the picture , The rest is two-thirds , Especially suitable for the blue sky and white clouds in the above picture . But the horizontal line in this picture is not very flat , When you shoot, you can turn on the level of your mobile phone , It's better to see if the horizontal line is flat .

This is the simplest 、 It is best to 、 The most basic composition skills , from now on , Let's turn on the Jiugongge silently .

Symmetrical composition, as the name implies, is that the subject occupies half of the whole picture , The rest of it takes up the remaining half , In contrast to the two , So as to highlight the subject , Especially suitable for some scenes with strong light and shadow contrast .

Symmetrical composition sample 1

This is a typical symmetrical composition , Take the diagonal line as the dividing line , Split in two , Half the trees and half the blue sky , Contrast formation .

Symmetrical composition sample 2

This is also a symmetrical composition , But the scale of the picture is not well controlled , The subject occupies too much , We should also pay attention to when shooting .

Symmetrical composition sample 3

This picture is in symmetrical composition , Black is in sharp contrast to blue , Highlight the subject .

Symmetrical composition is also the easiest way to take a unique picture , Used to the same random shot , Try this symmetrical composition , Maybe the effect is good .

This is the most powerful composition of visual impact , Because the whole picture is full of solid colors , The main body is abnormal , And it's incredibly clean , The visual effect is very good , It's especially suitable for scenes with large blocks of the same color background . It's especially suitable for the background of your mobile phone , It's going to be unique .

Leave blank to compose the sample 1

Leave blank to compose the sample 2

Under the blue sky, the streetlights are very obvious , The subject is very prominent , And the picture is clean , It looks very comfortable . This is also combined with the composition of the golden intersection , It can be seen that the application of golden intersection is more extensive . I also like my personal composition skills , If the background is too complex , You get as close as you can to the subject , To highlight the subject , The less things there are in the picture , The more prominent the subject , The subject of the picture can be expressed more easily .

Leave blank to compose the sample 3

This one is also left blank + The combination of golden nodes , The sky is blue and the trees are flourishing , Clean and comfortable , A pleasant feeling of good weather came into being .

You have the impression that you have this composition technique , When you come across the right scene , You can try it boldly , clean 、 comfortable 、 The main body prominent is to leave blank to give us the most direct shock .

A picture is divided into foreground 、 medium shot 、 vision , A lot of times we ignore the future , Because it's easy to get to the point , So you might as well take a look at it during the shooting , There is no future to be drawn on , Can the foreground guide vision , Make the subject clearer , If you can use it .

Sample foreground composition 1

This photo makes good use of the leaves in the foreground , It's like a picture frame , Put the following content in the box , It will look more chic .

Sample foreground composition 2

This picture, to be honest, doesn't have much of a feature , But it's a good proof of the theme , The role of the future . It's like a crack in the door , The feeling that we see the world through a crack in the door .

Sample foreground composition 3

This is a visual guide , The zebra crossing in the lower right corner is just right , Let's slowly look up at the whole picture along the zebra crossing , It's like someone's taking you to a picture .

Although foreground visual guidance can't be used every time , But remember there's this thing , When needed , You can come out and play a role . Know what to do , It can only be typed when necessary .

This is my personal favorite way , I often look up or look down when I walk , From different angles , The photos you take will be different . People are used to the way of looking flat , Try it from another angle .

Samples from different angles 1

Samples from different angles 2

If it's positive , It's going to look normal , It seems a little different if you change the angle .

Samples from different angles 3

This is the application of golden intersection plus tilt , The whole picture feels different , Not everyone likes , But be brave to try different angles .

Tell the truth , It's not always practical to change the angle , But I mainly want you to try different angles , Practice more , You will definitely get something different . Slowly you will know which scenes , Maybe what's the best way . And when you shoot a girl or a shorter friend , Remember to be aggrieved, squat down and shoot , Only in this way can you look tall and powerful 、 Legs are long and beautiful , And your friend will be so grateful that his face will be full of tears .

This may be a little demanding , It's an advanced skill , Because first of all, you need to know what theme your photos are about , You can have a reason to wait . But sometimes it's lucky , Maybe you can get a good picture .

Wait a minute. The composition sample 1

This photo is a typical example of waiting , The arrival of the car on the right makes the whole picture more dynamic . therefore , Think about it sometimes , wait a second , Maybe the next one will be better .

Wait a minute. The composition sample 2

This one is also , Because of the appearance of the running brother , The whole picture has a dynamic and dynamic . Under the blue sky and white clouds , People running away , Let you also have the impulse to go out and exercise .

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