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Hello everyone , I'm Nana , Don't step on me .

【 For more mobile phone revision strategies, please refer to previous articles !!】

present a memorial to an emperor , I finally wrote an article called strategy . This time, , It's really “ I want to show you ”. give the thumbs-up , Comment on , It's so lovely of you to pay attention to me .( There are so many lovely girls , Hey, hey, hey ⊂(˃̶͈̀ε ˂̶͈́ ⊂ ))

I didn't expect that , When Baba wrote and contributed, it was just …… Life is so impermanent ╮(╯_╰)╭

Thank you very much ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و Bow ~~ In addition, we don't have to reward , If you like it in your heart , Thank you again , mua , Bazaar hey !

I've figured out the theme of the next one 《 How to save my little short leg in the mobile phone of my friend who took his ugly picture 》 And the next part 《 If it's boring, let's take a self portrait of fantasy 》, The next chapter 《 Take photos that satisfy the leaders 》, perhaps 《 How to stack a tripod with a shoebox 》 Please love me , mua !

I have a collection of drawings APP Obsessive compulsive disorder , There's too much software , Everyone loves . Although there are only a few commonly used , But element … Be prepared for nothing , I'll sort it out , I'll give you a picture to share later ୧(๑•̀⌄•́๑)૭ Please continue to love me , thank you ! In addition, this strategy is mainly composed of pictures , Creative revision is the main idea , I will write more about this . How to shoot , The composition of the picture is a little bit brief ( There are a lot of online photography courses , More professional than me ).

notes : All software uses 【】 Mark out

「 I have nothing else to ask for , Don't steal pictures , Let me know 」

First , I have decided on the theme of the revision when I took the picture , I want a fish in the sky <.)#)))≦ you 're right , So it's settled (●ↀωↀ●)*, So I specially took a few pictures for the convenience of later revision .

When I went home, I found all kinds of material pictures to prepare . such as :

Similar to a lot of , It's stored directly on your mobile phone , Some pixels don't work .

Okay , Finally, it's the most critical step —— Fix the picture !! I'll use the picture I posted last time for example , Reproduce the process of revision .

Take this one for example

Here is the original 【 I only noticed the angle between the cloud and the mountain. It's great 】

When this picture was taken , I added a wide-angle lens to my phone ( You can do it yourself ), So there's distortion . The bottom part is a mess , Man , Bridge, what , Cut it off . Just take a screenshot of your mobile phone , Then import 【vscocam】 in ( This software is highly recommended , Who uses it, who knows )

step : One 、 Screenshot , Import

Two 、 Apply Filter , Color matching

【VSCOCAM】 This APP It can turn your photo into a big film in an instant , Every filter is great , Once you get familiar with it, you can be handy .

I want the picture to feel like an ocean , So the overall tone is cold . Yes 10 Filter of , The intensity can be adjusted by itself . It is not recommended that you apply , Be sure to fine tune , It supports fine tuning .

The general tone is set .

3、 ... and 、 synthesis

Use of APP yes 【Union】 Paid software

The interface is like this

Add background separately , prospects , Finally, use a mask to wipe out ( Cover mask is generally understood as you decide where to leave a picture and where to erase it ).

Add background and foreground respectively

Wipe out all the places you don't need To rub

The red part is what I erased , The whale's tail was rubbed with an eraser , Add a little hazy effect , For better integration .

Four 、 Color matching

After the foreground is put on , I found the background too blue . So the brightness of the background -6, saturation -74. The process of adjustment is always going on , Keep adjusting to get the most suitable tone . Never apply parameters , Promise me, will you !!

Reorientation prospects , The opacity +78( The picture doesn't need to be too solid ), Contrast +9, The saturation and temperature decrease accordingly .

Finally, export and save it .

Do you think it's over ?! did not !!! We continue !!

5、 ... and 、 Color matching of new pictures , Add effect

This time it is 06 Filter , I have a feeling of boundlessness .

Fine tune again

Dangdang Dangdang ~~~

The picture is from a short book App

Now save it and you can draw a picture , however , We can add something more interesting .

6、 ... and 、 originality

【Repix】 This APP There are many brushes

Like the raindrop effect , After that, it's very much like a shot through the glass , It's more real .

Or we can do this , use 【VOUN】 Frame effect . In the lower right corner is my signature (=TェT=)

※【Union】 This APP You can do a lot of blending , such as

We need to keep trying

Another example is this one , After color mixing, I feel that the fish is very abrupt , It seems to be separated from the sky , There's no sense of fusion ( I'm not satisfied with this one , But in order to tell you, I left )

open 【LD】 Import photos ( This APP That's the name )

Add a cloud to the fish , One more word

yo ~~ Is it better , The fish went into the cloud (˶‾᷄ ⁻̫ ‾᷅˵)

I'd like to recommend another software that I often use 【Matter】 Paid software

The effect is as follows , Instant promotion , This doesn't need a strategy , It's OK to add up (=TェT=)

The one on the water is

My beautiful roommate Xiao Xinxin , Big long legs

The original picture is from Chua shen'er

I put one behind me , Block the dump

You can also use it 【Waterlogue】 Paid software Creating watercolor

I photographed my sister , Chang'an is the original watermark name


She actually looks like this

My sister is like Tang Wei ?

perhaps , Do you want your photos to have big wings ? Please use 【Calista+】 Paid software

Stop that now , This is Zhang Yuqi

【 fotoplace 】 Turn your picture into a movie shot

The original picture looks like this

The original picture taken by a friend @ Lin Hao , Thank him for sharing it with me , But I tampered with , ha-ha

I want to talk about this picture in particular , stay 【Snapseed】( This is a painting artifact , On the phone PS) After coloring , Imported 【Enlight】( Paid software , Another painting artifact ).【Enlight】 There's a feature I particularly like , You can add a mask .

After turning the whole picture into a snow scene ( Tone black and white 、 Contrast ), Wipe out the characters alone , Red stands out against black and white . Then import 【 fotoplace 】 Add a subtitle in line with the artistic conception .

You can also use it 【Afterlight】 Add a leak effect to the picture , Pay attention to fine adjustment after adding , Don't be afraid of trouble 】

The photographer @ batman

You can also cooperate with 【Circular】 Paid software Use , Fantastic effect up up up!

【Water Effect】 Help you create the reflection effect

Original picture :

Last, last , If you say , Mobile phone photography is to be convenient and fast , I don't fix the picture ╭(╯^╰)╮

It doesn't matter , Sometimes just invert the picture

Dalian Olympic Square

Baiyun Mountain in Dalian

All right. , That's all for this article , I'll see you for the next one . I haven't washed my face when I get home from work ( ̄▽ ̄) It's a tutorial , It's long and messy , Please forgive me , I'm a part-time cashier model who studies Chinese. I'm tired ( ¯ ¨̯ ¯̥̥ ) Why is life so busy , ha-ha

Why ? Don't you think it's over ? too young too simple I haven't played a selfie yet ⁽⁽ૢ(⁎*ົཽω*ົཽ⁎)*

Beauty camera is the king

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