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writing / Miss line three

I need to use some ID photos these days , But I didn't find one of them , My baby doesn't want to go to the photo studio to take a stupid ID picture , I don't want to go to the subway entrance and spend 30 yuan to take a picture of a very ugly black face . So it's just a whim , Why don't you take a picture of yourself , Move as you move , So the baby uses the cell phone , Yes , you 're right , It's a cell phone ! Fumbled to shoot and make a version of the certificate photo .

La la la , Finished product Smecta .

I believe many of my friends are just like me , I don't like to go to the photo studio to take special documents , The expression is dull and stupefied , And it's expensive , So , I felt good after I finished , So I sent a question on Douban to see if anyone needed this skill , I didn't expect a good response , At one point it was the top one , I was strongly urged to write a tutorial on this new skill . I see so many partners need to , Then I will take the trouble to write a tutorial for you . Hey .

Are you looking forward to ?

preparation :

1、 First of all , Because I need a blue background , So I was wearing a white dress , In this way, the color behind the film will be more harmonious .

2、 A little light make-up , Don't make up too much , This is the ID photo of our North nose . I have two more steps than usual , Blush and nose shadow , you 're right , This is to make the facial features more stereoscopic , It looks better . Hey , But you have to be light , A little is enough , Don't be too heavy .

I won't say much about makeup , I believe that girls can quickly handle , I don't have to give a makeup tutorial .

3、 Open mobile phone , Plug in the headphones , you 're right , We use headphones for taking pictures , It's in it to free your hands , ha-ha . And then find a fulcrum , Set up your cell phone , It's time to start .

A4 Paper headphones

you 're right , This is the position , ha-ha , You should have noticed that I took one A4 paper , Nose picking , Yes , This is a picture A4 paper , But I'm not here to see if I have A4 The waist , I'm not going to insult myself …… Well, it's a long way off. Let's not talk about the waist , Back to the point , This piece of A4 Paper is used to polish , ha-ha , With it , Our face light can be softer . Because it's cloudy in Shanghai today , So the light is not very good . If you have glossy paper, the effect will be better .

Beauty Camera

Shooting stage :

Then we open the software , Start shooting ! I use a beauty camera , Because I think it's going to save a lot of post portrait processing steps , Of course, you can bring your own camera with you , The effect will be better and clearer , It's just that there's still a step to be taken to post treat the skin , therefore , I actually stole a lazy , ha-ha .


then ! You can hold your cell phone and click on it ! Of course , Be sure to treat good people , Make sure the characters are focused clearly , Master the proportion of the picture , Keep your shoulders parallel to the bottom frame , This will save a lot of trouble in the post cutting . You can take more pictures , Then choose the one you like .

And oh , Tell the babies , The beauty effect of beauty camera must not be too high , That would be fake , The facial details are distorted , After all, it's a certificate photo , We're still trying to be precise . So I chose 2, It doesn't make much difference compared to bringing your own camera , Basically, when the details of the facial features are kept intact, the skin condition will not be too bad ok 了 .

Original Photo .

In the late stage :

Um. , I believe what I said earlier , Most of the kids will , So it's our most important moment ,duangduangduangduang…… That's the late stage ! How to turn such an ordinary self photo into a certificate photo ? Look, look, look !

New software Smecta

Here is to introduce a new software to my friends , Namely PicsArt, This is what my little friend introduced to me before , However, I looked at it and felt that it was not suitable for me, and then I unloaded it , But today, it suddenly occurred to me that it has a tailoring function ! And then they put it back on again , And it didn't disappoint me. Ha ha ha .


Open the software , Lead in the photos we need to process , Point tools , Then open the free clip , This step is actually equivalent to matting , We take the characters out of the noisy background !

To daub , Try to paint

Just smear it with a brush , You can choose a bigger stroke , First fill the middle with , The rest of the edges are further refined .

Paint it all over like this

Right , We can just button out the people we need . It's so simple and crude ! But remember to use dim sum on the edge , Promise me, baby , Otherwise, when you add the background later, you will have to cut again when you see the mess around the characters . Take time and trouble , It's better to do it carefully at one time .

Add background .

After tailoring, you can add background , We turn on the background settings , Choose the middle color , You'll come out with colors , I'm going to use blue , So I chose a blue one , Of course, you can also choose red background and white background or red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple , You can play this step as you like .


Adding a good background is basically done , And then cut it to the size we need . Open the clip in the toolbar . The proportion is controlled by itself , But remember never to have your head too high , Be sure to leave some space on your head , Balance your shoulders . If you don't know , Then refer to your previous ID photo to cut it .


Save this processed image .

For the first time

All right. , This is the picture we've processed , EH ? Is your face a little black against a blue background , Then we can play the rest freely , Adjust the color of the magic horse .

Meitu Xiu Xiu

What I opened is still a beautiful picture that can be used for thousands of years. Ha ha ha

Add filters

And then you're free to play , Try which filter is more natural , The skin color is well proportioned , It would be nice to have a ruddy complexion , ha-ha . I added Zhongshan Park , Because its blue is more prominent , Good contrast to the quality of my pictures , I just threw it away , Four percent , But just a little bit , It's enough to make the skin look better .

So remind your friends , Here's our ID , Don't add fancy filters , We just need clear colors and clear characters !

OK, Finally, it's drawn .

All right. , Be accomplished , We're so quick to get a ID photo with our mobile phone .


If you want to print , You can use beautiful jigsaw puzzle Software , Then choose the image we've processed , Click nine times to make it as shown in the figure below


Print it out and use it , Nine one inch photos . If you need a two inch , Then you can spell four .

Puzzle .

As for printing , The babies shouldn't have to ask me , If you don't have a printer at home , Now there are a lot of print photos on the roadside , One yuan for each , Is it simple and fast? Ha ha

Cut it out ok 了 !

It's so simple and clear , you get Did you? ? Print two , I don't feel like I need to take a photo of my ID for a long time .

Finally, I'll show you two more pictures , Let's go and have a try .

before and after comparison

before and after comparison

What about? , Isn't it wonderful ! As for hair styles , You are welcome , It's all dressed or tied up ok La , It's just beautiful . So we have a natural and beautiful ID photo , The key is not hard yet , Try it soon .

With this ID photo , Mom doesn't have to worry that you won't get a good job anymore , Post resume , Post information , Absolutely beautiful , Refuse the ID photo of ugly force , We can do it ourselves !

The picture is from a short book App

If you think this tutorial is useful for you , Then give me something to like , You can also share it with your friends , Maybe someone needs it. Ha ha , I'll do it again , More practical tutorials .

We also want to add watermark tutorial stamp connection oh ~:

[【 Mobile photography 】: Want a fuller picture ? There is not enough watermark to make up for it ! - Simple books ][Mobile photography _ Want a fuller picture _ There is not enough watermark to make up for it _ - Simple books]

Thank you very much .

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Miss line three .( The name was written casually , Do not care about details .)

Born in the summer of Leo .

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