What everyone should know about photography

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I've been back and forth so many times before I know it ^_^

All the wonderful things we've done , Nothing can be made quickly , Because these things are too difficult 、 Too complicated .—— Akio Morita

In fact, everyone should like photography , When we walk every place , Always willing to use the camera to leave footprints , Or recording interesting things along the way .

This is also my favorite photography .

In the process , Some equipment is bound to be used , Cell phone or SLR , But that's not the point .

I usually take SLR when I go out , But this time it's a mobile phone photo post , And mobile phones have their own advantages over Cameras , I also like .

There are more words and more theories , But it's very simple . Because theoretical knowledge is always very important , Understand why .

1、 Why doesn't the mobile phone have the same effect as the SLR ?
The cell phone is a constant lens , The focal length 、 The aperture is not adjustable . So the photos taken will not have obvious virtual effect like the SLR . But it can be simulated with some software , It's also very convenient and fast .

2、 Whether the later stage of mobile phone is necessary ?
After the transition, it can be troublesome , Naturally, there is no need , But everyone's needs are different . But we can still edit quickly through mobile phones 、 Processing to achieve better results , It's also my own experience with mobile phones ._

I didn't expect so much left APP

Because I use a nut cell phone myself , So it's mainly for Android phones , But software is not the most important thing .

1、 Exposure
When it's bright, it's overexposure , On the contrary, it is under exposure . And whether an image is correctly exposed depends on three factors : aperture , shutter speed ,ISO( Sensitivity )

2、 aperture
The aperture determines the depth of field , On the common background of the virtual effect . The smaller the depth of field , The more blurred the background , On the contrary, the clearer the background .( The aperture and shutter speed of the mobile phone are not adjustable )

These two concepts are not easy to understand , The rest is about color , such as : Color temperature 、 saturation 、 Curves, etc , Relatively simple .

Generally, I will choose to use my own camera directly , Because Android is slow to turn on the camera with third-party software , No, and I took selfies ..

HDR Pattern contrast

HDR Pattern : A special mode of photography , The photos taken will be relative to those in normal mode , It has better contrast and light range 、 And picture details .

But using it on a mobile phone can slow down the focusing speed , So use it according to the situation .

some HDR Style photos ( From the Internet , Invasion and deletion )

In the process , The most important thing is composition , So try as many angles as you can when shooting , In different directions , After convenience, there are more choices .

Take these two pictures for example :( Not dealt with )

Back to Nantian, I photographed flowers at school

The background still has some virtual effect relative to the main flower , But it's not obvious , This is due to the limitations of the camera itself , But we can change it later .

After shooting , The order of processing photos is : Perfect composition 、 Basic color matching 、 Filter optimization 、 Increase depth of field .

I wrote a simple three-step article before , Portal :[ Three simple steps , Mobile phones can also produce a performance comparable to that of a SLR !][Three simple steps _ Mobile phones can also produce a performance comparable to that of a SLR], But it was relatively simple before , And it's not perfect , It's also the reason for rewriting this time .

Recommended software (Snapseed)
Snapseed Is the most convenient software to adjust the composition , And it can adjust perspective .

Horizontal perspective 、 Vertical perspective and rotation can be adjusted ^_^

Recommended software ( Pungent XiuTu )
If it's simple and practical snapseed It can also be done , But in order to increase the ability to color your own , This period of time has been using pungent to fix the picture , Increase your sense of color , Pungent adjustment is also more powerful .

Because this flower is pink , At that time, I wanted to deal with it as a partial Japanese style . The general feature of Japanese photos is , Increase exposure , Desaturation , Increase the sense of air .

And air feeling means that it looks like there is a white mask , You can do this by putting RGB The lowest point of the curve rises To achieve .

Simulating the solar system

But this one is rich in color , So I want to deal with the feeling of Europe and America . The photo style of European and American department is generally : Increase saturation 、 Contrast 、 Shadow, etc

Simulate Europe and America

In fact, it is a painful process to use pungent to revise a picture , Because there's too much to adjust , I don't know what to do all of a sudden , But the most important thing is to feel , So we need to constantly go to the patch to find .

Recommended software (VSCO)
VSCO The filter is very fresh , It's natural . I used it before instagram Filter of , Now I think the effect is too heavy .

After adding, the effect is roughly like this :

The selection of filters is also a process of different opinions , There is no absolute right or wrong , Look at the photos and what style you like to decide .

Recommended software (Fotor)
fotor It's easy to use , It can be adjusted according to the aperture , Love it _

The sign is deeper

The specific parameters can be adjusted with the desired effect , See how much is the most appropriate .

Four steps is enough , It's about ten minutes , Finally, you can add some words to the butter camera , perhaps nice Add some labels .

Sort out some similar software , Portal :[ How to record one year's footprints ? Some practical photography APP recommend ][How to record one year_s footprints _ Some practical photography APP recommend]

My favorite is the butter camera text _

In the end, it's like this :

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles Ten yuan a bowl

Morning in Dameisha, Shenzhen

Pengcheng is the old name of Shenzhen

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The color is still a little strange


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