Simple five step music makes you become a master of mobile phone photography

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A small village

A tool , Two modules , Three mobile phones APP, Four shooting techniques , Five steps , Let you learn to play mobile phone through the article , Take a fresh picture of the trip , Baobaozhao . Let's take our children out to play , Enjoy the precious time , Freeze frame warm beautiful moment .

A cell phone ( This article uses OPPO Cell phone shooting )

Travel with SLRs , Camera running , It's really a big burden . Don't say it again , And afraid of damage and theft . Good friends cindy Last time I went to Xiamen , The camera goes into the sand . So the mobile age , convenient , Readily take . Plus the performance of the mobile phone now is more and more awesome , This may day belt is famous for taking pictures of mobile phones OPPO.

Pre filming : Original photos , Personal habits , The quality of the original film , aperture , Sensitivity , Exposure and so on are much better .

Post fix : Filter effects + Typesetting adds text

In fact, the mobile terminal of Meitu APP It's really a lot more , You need to find the right one for you , Use what you like . I have a lot of photographer friends who like to use some foreign software , But it doesn't suit my shortcut .

Although there are a lot of Meitu Software , You may not be able to use all of them , Eat more than you can chew , I personally suggest that you can master two or three of them . Enough is good .

This is super simple , After I recommended it to my sister , The pictures she took for her daughter just got better and better . A picture is attached. :

Doudou bubble hot spring

APP Introduce :

Meitu XiuXiu's selfie products , The main feature is that it has film texture .

A screenshot of Zhou Xiaobai's mobile phone

matters needing attention :

(1) Remove watermark :APP Basically, I'll advertise myself , In the lower right corner of the picture, the default is logo Of . You can cancel it through the background settings logo.

(2) Try more : There are a lot of filter styles , You can try a few more , Adjust to your satisfaction .

(3) Guard against excess : In order to highlight the special effects of different styles , The default filter effect is the strongest . Easy to distort , Too deep a dark corner , Heavy filter colors can distort the image , For example, the lips are very red , The skin color is very strange , Because it's one click effect generation , Local dissatisfaction is not easy to adjust . So you can fine tune it by adjusting the degree of beautification . I basically like the position near the middle of the intensity , It depends on the effect of the picture .

APP Introduce :

This software is used by many famous photographers in the world , You can enjoy the work, but it seems that you can't communicate with each other , There are a lot of fee filters . that “ How long is the road , It's not long for me 35 A foot of half a yard ” The cat power also uses , So it's very suitable for advanced players to learn and Research , The function is very complete .

A screenshot of Zhou Xiaobai's mobile phone

matters needing attention : Because it's powerful , So we need more practice , There are many professional terms in it , You have to understand the meaning , Or through practical adjustment to understand the exposure compensation , highlights , Dark angle , saturation , Sharpness and so on . This can be explained in detail .

APP Introduce :

written words , Splicing , label , The calendar , Mobile phone desktop all kinds of small fresh , A piece of software that I love very much . I love their slogan : Listen to the pictures , Your inner voice .

A screenshot of Zhou Xiaobai's mobile phone

matters needing attention :

This software , Girls , To use . You'll like it . The disadvantage is that the watermark cannot be removed , Some templates need to be shared to unlock , In addition, the text can be changed , But you can't adjust the position .

PS: There's another thing to pay attention to , At the same time , The software has a default filter function , Remember to click open to adjust the filter effect to the appropriate intensity , I personally seldom use , Generally, it is adjusted to zero , Then press “ALL” Key other pictures to unify the effect . I don't want too many pictures .

Don't go into , Baidu a variety of composition . Don't worry about the golden ratio , Try to use less objects to center the picture .

Sometimes the simpler the color, the better . The simpler , The better .

Minimalist composition , The combination of cold and warm

The picture is composed of three equal parts

Composition decomposition

I believe many people have this experience , When shooting on a mobile phone , It's always blurry , This is normal , After all, the mobile phone still can't compare with the high-speed shutter of the SLR camera .

So the photographer should remember , Be sure to hold it steady , You can try to clamp the arm when shooting , Pause after shooting , Let the phone buffer after recording the complete picture , Move again .

Make full use of light and shadow . Light and shadow is a very important factor in the temperature of a picture .

Know where the sun is , And then facing the sun , Backlight , The side , wait , You can try different kinds of light and shadow , Make photos different in beauty .

Backlight shooting

See the light , Is there any shadow left ?

You can keep getting close to the object when you take a picture , Don't stand idly and shoot , You can squat , Or step up and try all kinds of shooting .

As close as possible to the subject , And then focus precisely , There will be unexpected surprises . It can capture the beautiful spot effect of large aperture of SLR camera .

Close shot close to the flowers

Focus on the flowers , The wheat field is empty

When taking pictures , Shoot and create , Multiple perspectives , Multi composition , Try more .

There are many styles , But you have to have a mind , According to the style you want , Adjustment . Prevent too much distortion .

Here you can recommend a picture to improve the aesthetic APP,Lofter: It's a Netease product , Fashion pictures of life, social networking APP, They are all from all walks of life , My work blog should be put on it . I often communicate with the photographers who pay attention to .

A screenshot of Zhou Xiaobai's mobile phone

Adjust according to your picture presentation needs , Don't be too messy , Minimalism is sometimes more beautiful .

illustrated , It's about beautiful pictures and words , There will be more artistic conception and reverie , You can write words based on how you feel when you shoot , Give more emotion to photos and more . Believe in everyone who loves photography , My heart is full of literary youth .

Photography enriches your inner world

Social media publishing , Continue to improve from others' comments and self praise . Accept opinions , Make improvements , Get some praise and recognition , My heart will be very happy . It's going to be your continuous improvement , Interest ignites the spirit soup magic medicine . When one thing , Keep doing , One day there will be a qualitative change . And then something unexpected happens , See a different world .

In fact, I seldom use microblog , I posted an article yesterday # Take pictures of the journey #, Unexpectedly 3 More than ten thousand hits , as well as 150 More like , There are other media forwarding .

A screenshot of Zhou Xiaobai's microblog

These are some of the skills I often use for mobile photography , If you have a better software recommendation , You can leave me a message . Last but not least , After learning , Just thinking about it without practicing , But it is of no damn use .

Try something new , Starting today

therefore ,To do it!To do it!Just do it! Important things are to be repeated for 3 times . We need to film more , You can send me the pictures after shooting , Let me see your progress , And determine what kind of dry goods you need next time , Make your record better . Your progress , It's my motivation to share .

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