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Can you take good pictures in your life ?

Sometimes , We often see a scene in our life , She can remind you of poems you've read , Songs that have been sung , Pictures I've seen , Stories I've heard , Written calligraphy , Even dancing , Sketch photography is to use the art of light and shadow to capture the poetic and picturesque world , Turn our fleeting imagination and feelings into permanent image memory . The significance of sketch photography is to let people open their eyes again in front of the things they don't see , Take a fresh look at 、 To feel , To find poetry in life .

First , I'd like to state first that : Is photography and equipment expensive , It doesn't matter much whether the scenery is beautiful or not , It's about our lives , About our love , About our inner growth .

Why talk about sketch photography ? In fact, sketch photography is like a sketch or a still life sketch in art , They are essential basic exercises . My photography study started with photographing flowers , My own experience tells me that mastering the skill of sketch shooting means mastering the use of light , Color control , The elements of composition , Of course , The sense of color and detail and the overall aesthetic can be improved ……

Scenic spots can't be visited often , Still life sketches can be taken every day , Poetry can not only be written to the distance , Turn ordinary life into poetry and painting , This is the highest level of life . So it can be said that small film shooting is the cornerstone of the blockbuster .

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Sketch photography what ideas should you master ?

In the previous course , I've been saying that everyday life is full of inspiration to shoot , Take pictures of the people we love , Familiar objects , Shooting the moment that touched us . I also showed you some photos I took on the way to work and the works I tossed around at home . But some students ask , teacher , I watched carefully on the way , I can also feel some beauty in life , But I still don't know how to shoot it , Or the photos you take are always flat and light . So what I want to tell these friends is : In fact, I also make a lot of waste films , I'm also often unhappy with my photography , You only see the good photos I've shown you , I don't know I have to delete a lot of waste pieces every day . Before good photos come to us , We must take the initiative to find good photos . So I summed up my ideas for shooting , I hope we can learn from it .

► Looking for contrast

The contrast is to have obvious difference 、 The two sides of contradiction and opposition are arranged before , The expression of contrast , We often say that without darkness there is no light , There is no life without death , No comparison, no discovery , Contrast can highlight the essential characteristics of the things being represented , Enhance artistic effect and appeal . We can use a variety of contrasts to highlight the subject , such as : size 、 Light and shade 、 Deficiency and excess 、 High and low 、 How many? 、 Dynamic and static 、 Distance and so on .

Next I'll take the most common eggs for example , There are several ways to shoot eggs with different feelings

( Black and white contrast , The contrast between the egg as the point and the spoon as the line )

( Broken and complete contrast , Color contrast )

Let's share a couple of photos that use other ways of contrast to present the story

( Follow the shooting : The contrast between movement and stillness is expressed through virtual reality )

( Buddha and monk : The contrast between the past and the present )

( Black swan and white swan : More and less , Contrast in different directions )

► Observe the color composition

There is a very important contrast in comparison : Color contrast . Because color is very important in photography , So take it out separately and focus on it , The contrast and relationship between color and color constitute the color composition . Except for red and black , Beyond black and white , You can also shoot through different colors and different feelings .

( The different colors of the leaves are gorgeous and dull , The dead leaves of green grass and Chinese parasol tree represent life and death )

( The contrast between warm lights and large areas of darkness shows warmth and loneliness )

► Look for lines and shapes

Except for all the contrasts , When shooting, you can deliberately look for lines and shapes . Lines are also common elements in photos , Including horizontal lines , A vertical bar , Diagonals , Curves and so on , Through the role of visual guidance in the picture , Lead people's eyes to the subject . neat concise 、 Directness is the biggest feature .

( The combination of point, line and surface )

► Change the angle of shooting

When we get an item , Try shooting through different backgrounds and constantly changing angles , For example, take a top shot 、 Overhead stroke 、 Flat shot 、 Side shot and so on . With 2016 In the world iphone The first prize of flower in photography competition is an example , Through the angle of the back shot , With the sky as the background , With sunrise or sunset , Add other flowers at the bottom , Make the photos clean and unique .

Flower group number one , The photographer ︰Lone Bjørn ( Switzerland )

Different angles of a flower

► Pay attention to the details , Focus on the local

A lot of times we shoot , All I want to do is to take a complete picture of the object or scene , In fact, we can change the way of shooting : See the big from the small by shooting the details , This is the best work of sketch photography . A drop of water to see the world is the truth . But it is important to note that you don't just look for a part to shoot , We should grasp the characteristic points to express the overall feeling .

You can look at the following picture , There are many ways to shoot horses , I've taken long-range shots, and I've photographed my whole body , But this horse is very unique , It has long eyelashes , It looks very tame , Give me a kind of “ Most of all, the tenderness of the bow ” The feeling of .

► Using reflection

There are a lot of media that can form reflections , For example, the car body 、 In the window 、 Glass curtain 、 Water drops 、 Smooth walls and floors , Even the pupil of the eye , Just pay more attention to , You can find interesting reflections , Even shot a picture full of stories . Sometimes the real scene doesn't have to coexist with the reflection in the picture , The reflection can be used as a foil , To echo other themes . When reflection is more interesting than reality 、 meaningful , Then focus on capturing the reflection of the picture can .

Sometimes it only shows a partial reflection — For example, there is water on the ground — I can't see the full face of the real scene , Instead, it can add a lot of imagination space and fun . Water is usually a good subject to play with , It's easy to present a dreamlike virtual world , And in different light environment will present different visual effects .

► Try again and again to represent the work with images

Photography is a very subjective expression , How we feel about things in the shooting is very important . But we feel sometimes erratic , Fleeting , So when we have a feeling , We need to act now , Try again and again until the feeling is recorded and shown . Good photos Follow your own feelings , Step by step , Sometimes all you need is a little persistence , Don't give up when you are in trouble , Try other ways .

Every time I water my Petunia, I feel every flower is like a dancer with flying train , One day I picked some flowers that were dying , Sitting on the floor , Put the flowers on the bamboo sticks , And put the bamboo sticks on the foam board , Make them look like dancers . Then I took some pictures from different angles . Then choose the one with the most beautiful posture , Through a variety of later attempts , Finally got a satisfactory film .

This original picture is a practice of backlight outline light , Beautiful silhouette light came out , But it's just a bit of a monotonous picture , I've been trying to give this photo some storytelling with double exposure later , But it didn't produce the desired effect .

Until one day I overheard a lyric , Probably “ The lamp beside the window warms the desolation of waiting ” It suddenly occurred to me that this picture , So I picked up my mobile phone and took a picture of the glass door of the bathroom , Reuse enlight Two photos were combined with double exposure .

► Read more pictures , Improve the aesthetic

Especially through the classic works of Chinese and foreign masters , We can draw strength and inspiration from it ; Besides excellent photography , You can also see more famous paintings , It's good for improving our aesthetics . There is a famous saying in photography that “ The first 10000 shutters you press are all waste ” If we could have Edward · Winster's persistence in photographing a green pepper for more than a week , We can also believe in good works .

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