[mobile phone photography]: do you want your photos to be higher? I'll teach you how to do it easily!

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hello , friends , I'm sorry to promise you that the tutorial is coming now , Forgive me for procrastination , In addition, I have been working overtime to become a dog recently , So I can only take weekend break to write for you . Before that certificate photo and the article dealing with backlight photos were written casually by myself , I didn't expect to be popular in Douban and Jianshu , Harvest so much like , The number of fans has grown hundreds of times , Thank you very much for your support , Although I'm very unprofessional , I didn't learn to shoot and post , I just like it better , But sometimes, there are some small tricks that can be used , So share it with you , In the first two articles, many people left messages and private messages asking me , How to watermark an image , I think there may be a lot of people who need , So today, I'm going to give you a simple and fast watermark adding method . ha-ha , The photos are not enough , The watermark has come together !

Don't love flowers , Preference for dried flowers Maybe fresh things are hard to take care of, while air dried ones are easy to last

The picture above is for you to write this special shot , In order to write the steps clearly step by step , Because I'm a careful little girl. Hahaha , Many netizens said that they would not cut the picture before sending the certificate photo, and then sent it to me for help , I'm another kind girl who doesn't know how to refuse people , So I helped a lot of people deal with a certificate photo , I've seen a lot of strange faces ~~ And now I'm afraid that omitting some steps will mislead others , So try to be clear , It seems like there are many steps , In fact, it's very easy to operate !

Cherry blossoms in Lu Xun Park at the weekend

Cherry blossoms in Lu Xun Park at the weekend

Cherry blossoms in Lu Xun Park at the weekend

Let's talk about adding text or watermarks. My personal opinion :

Of course, some pictures are not suitable for adding some words or characters , May affect the beauty of the picture itself , So this one looks at personal preferences and pictures . But today we're going to talk about words or watermarks , So I would like to talk about the reasons why I usually add watermarks :

  1. Of course, it's not enough to force , The watermark came together . ha-ha , Because some pictures with text may be more vivid , Whether it's a lyric or a little fresh word , Will make this picture full of a little meaning .
  2. When the composition is not enough . Sometimes it's because of the lack of composition in the photos taken , And adding a simple watermark will make up for the defects in the composition , Because one of them will also be a part of the overall effect of the picture , It's going to attract people's attention .
  3. Leave a little personal information . It's like what I used to do :Photo by J.R, Maybe just want to leave such a simple picture source information . sauce .

Here we go

What about the one with the words , In fact, there is no technical content , But a lot of people ask , So just share the software , I use it in And the butter camera . It's two spicy ones below , I always feel a little suspicious of advertising , But it's not clear if you don't say it , So if someone is in these software companies , Please give me the advertisement fee ah ah ~~~ And what was mentioned in the previous two articles , Can I have it with you ? Purring , I feel like I'm losing a lot ~

1、 Template add class :

Template add class I use butter camera , I haven't used it before , My friends who have read my previous articles should remember , I didn't have it on my cell phone before , It was also introduced by a friend , I used it , It's not bad , The workers who add characters should be very powerful , I prefer the font , A great deal of , And it's all free . All right. , Let's take a look at the process :

Open the software first , Lead the pictures in .

The leftmost “ White border ” You can frame a picture , It depends on personal preference , I added a white border . Then click the arrow on the right to enter the next interface .

And then there will be “ Filter ”, I think the color of some filters in the butter camera is great , I chose this picture Zn This filter , It's small and fresh . Then let's go inside the template first , Is there any text suitable for this picture of yourself .

Choose one that is more suitable for this picture , Add in , I think the good thing about the butter camera is that it has a lot of templates , And it's all free , The characters in each template can be arranged at will , It's up to you .

The picture is from a short book App

Then we can change the sentences we want to type in on the left most keyboard , You can change colors in the palette , You can see all these by yourself , It's simple . Just adjust the position and size .

The picture is from a short book App

2、: Custom text class

This also uses a butter camera , I like the diversity of his fonts , There are many choices . The previous step is the same as the previous one , But we don't choose templates for this , We are free to play , To choose something small , In the elements , We choose the button for this graphic , There are a lot of lovely simple strokes , I personally like it very much , We can choose one at will . This is mainly for demonstration , Choose any one .

Then we type in the sentences we want to lose , There are a lot of fonts in this library , You can choose the style you want , Don't be too cool .

We choose to adjust the size and position, and we'll do it

It is so easy ! And then the beer bottle that I just wrapped with hemp rope was suddenly tall, ha ha ha ~

3、 Interesting stickers :

I mainly use in , Because it has a lot of interesting stickers in it , So it's more suitable for lovely pictures with painting style , I don't say much nonsense , Go straight to the film ~ Let's take pictures of me and my husband first , Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha , Don't panic. , You read that right , It's really song Zhongji ~~~ Hey

Then you can choose from the stickers , Pick a few little stickers that suit the style of this photo you like ~

First give my husband and me two little red faces ~ Shyness ha ha ha

And then in the material library randomly find some materials to add in There's a sticker for the descendants of the sun , I'll just add a few ang AI Zhongji's sisters don't scold me , Next time I'll show you how to take a picture with Zhongji oba. Ha ha ha ~

Then we can go to “ Play with words ” Find a template to input what you want ~~~

The one I usually use “PHOTO BY JR It's also in this one ~~

OK~ It's not a dream to be in the same frame as Zhongji oba ha-ha

In order to cover up, so the image processing is not fine , Husband's edge is empty , So careful partners can handle it more seriously

All right. , That's all for today , I wanted to teach you a new skill developed yesterday , But I'm afraid it's too long for you So save it for the next time ~ Today, these watermarking methods are very simple , I believe all the friends will be able to deal with it in one second , How tall is the picture , That's one step short ! Go and have a try ~ The following random find a few with these methods to add watermark photos, you feel free to see , It's a little more simple , There are also many stickers , It's all up to you to play at will

All right. , Thank you for your face and see the last , If you think it works for you , Remember to like me Oh If you don't understand anything in the article, you can ask me ~ Or for the above photo effect of me want to ask me, I can also leave a message or private message however ! Because sometimes there are too many people, I may not be able to reply , I'm so sorry ~ But I'll respond to everything I see , Thank you. ~~ mua !

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