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The invincible sea view of unawatuna

Colombo on the Indian Ocean galle face The beauty of the sunset

Plane ticket : Want to save money , Within the Asian region , Just keep an eye on AirAsia, a cheap airline , I think the special ticket of can be seen , Of course, if AirAsia promotes it greatly , It's good to go to its official website ~

Of course, the local tyrants are at will ~

If you have enough time, you can choose to stay in Malaysia for a few days , Because Malaysia has 120 Visa free policy for hour transit ( I must remind you that , Although the policy says 120 Hours , But the actual customs will only allow 72 Leaving the airport within hours ~)

visa : Sri Lanka can give Chinese passport landing visa policy , Period of stay 30 God . But it's said that if you don't apply in advance ETA visa , China Customs will not release . If it's from a third country , Then there is no such problem . It's very simple to get a visa in advance , Just log in The website can apply for e-visa , Generally, you can receive from the Embassy in half a day email, And then print it out . When Sri Lanka passed the customs , Just look at your visa and passport , You don't have to look at hotel reservations and return tickets . I don't know if China Customs can see it or not , But it's very easy to fake these two things : Hotel Reservation Form booking The net is done , There's no need for an advance and a guarantee . You can book any one , The website will send you a reservation form , You print that out , If you cancel it again, it's just ok 了 . Air tickets , You're just yourself p One . Customs usually don't take it too seriously , They only care about death , If you have one .

What should be noticed is :

  1. To apply for e-signature online, you must pay online , The website only accepts VISA, MasterCard , Dual currency credit cards are OK , But I used CMB visa When using UnionPay dual currency credit card , Because the mobile phone can't install the security plug-in, it has to give up , Select landing sign .
  2. The price of electronic signature is different from that of landing visa : Electronic signature 30 dollar , Visa on Arrival 35 dollar .( If you choose the landing sign , Then you'd better have US dollars on hand , Or you'll wait to be dumb . Of course, it's OK to swipe the card , But still only accept visa MasterCard and MasterCard )

Communications :

There are service points selling mobile phone cards in the airport hall of Sri Lanka , Operator, Dialog,1300 Rupee a card ,5GB Traffic ,50 Minutes International ,50 Minutes local , It's very useful .

Local tyrants or just vacations , Just a few days , International roaming is also OK . Sri Lanka , The hotel wifi Its popularity is similar to that in China .

Island transportation :

From Sri Lanka Bandaranaike airport to Colombo, you can take the airport bus , Get out of the gate of the airport , On the left, there's the parking lot ,110 rupee .

Colombo City Mobile , You can choose bus or toot ( Motorcycle version of taxi).

Moving between cities is buses and trains , The price is not expensive compared with domestic transportation . Railways are relatively cheaper , But people from and to Colombo are people ~ There are two or three seats on the train , In my opinion, there is only a price difference between second and third class seats , There are more local people in third class , More foreigners in second class .

First class seats are more exciting , Air conditioned TV has everything , Spacious and comfortable , The air quality is different ~

accommodation :

The accommodation conditions can't be compared with domestic star hotels , But there are also good hotels

Basically, good hotels are in booking I can find it all , Take your time

If you want to find something cheap , Then it's going to be hard , Find the boss , Make a bargain with the boss ~

Here's a little trick , If you think online hotels are too expensive , You might as well search the Internet for where you want to go first , There is usually a residential area , You can get there first and then , Search again . In this way, you can often find your favorite and most affordable hotel through shopping comparison , And the price is , It's just a little harder .

diet :

Sri Lanka likes spicy food , So Hunan people who eat spicy food can't get used to it here . Of course, the premise is , You don't hate curry . Breakfast is all kinds of pastry made by throwing cakes . I think the taste is OK , But it's not light . Unaccustomed , There's still bread and cake . Recommend Sri Lanka yoghurt and milk drink, excellent , It's cheap . For snacks , in my opinion , There are no snacks in Sri Lanka , On the shelves of the supermarket , Except for a couple of incredibly expensive imported potato chips and coke, nothing else , So please bring your own spicy strips ~

Fruits : Tropical fruit is, of course, a classic that never goes out of fashion . I think the best is papaya , Super sweet , It's cheap , commonly 120 About a kilogram of rupees , That is to say, not to 3 A pound . Golden coconut , It's the hot number one here , You can try ,2.5 RMB is about one . There are many kinds of banana and Musa , Try it yourself . durian , jackfruit , Pineapple , Pretty good also . There are a lot of avocados , Favorite friend , You can eat enough , Butter juice is great , It's worth a try . Apple , pear , orange , Grapes are more expensive , Imported .(PS: There are lots of fruits here , But there's no dried fruit at all )

The fruit stand in the canti center market

KFC The sweet cone of 40 rupee , One will support you , It tastes good .KFC The colorful rice , Pretty good also , You can try .

Scenic spot route :

Generally, the southern and central routes are popular .

From Colombo to canti , And then from khanti to the central mountain cities , And then around Colombo from the South , This is basically the most classic route . Recommend some places that I think are great :

Unawatuna , The best beach in Sri Lanka . There are not many tourists , The scenery is beautiful , There are many hotels , It's also very lively at night , The atmosphere is very good . Big waves , Clear water , Good for surfing , Hee Shui ~

Matler , The largest city in the South . Recommend to live in beach road Upper beach inns The location of the hotel is very good , There are private beaches , And the sea terrace , Very comfortable ,booking You can book on , The price is also nice. To matler, you have to go to the temple of the sea , Look at this magical temple built on the sea .

beach Inns

Conti , Colombo will not introduce , Tourists must go to some .

By lake canti

But Colombo galle face The setting sun is really beautiful , You must go to see it . The setting sun on the Indian Ocean with the Shanghai wind , Comfortable to the point of disgusting .

Central city , I think it's almost the same . Mainly the scenery on the road .

Mountain tea garden line , This train must take , It's amazing . The seaside railway from Gore to Colombo , It's also worth recommending , But the second and third class seats on the beach line , You can't get a seat .

PS: Central city high altitude area , The temperature is lower , It is suggested that you take your autumn coat to . If it's winter, take your down jacket .


Sri Lanka is rich in precious stones and black tea .

gem , It is said that the world's best quality cat's eye is produced in Sri Lanka . The quality of the Moonstone is also very good , Girls, don't miss it . When to buy , You can bargain .

black tea , It's like coffee , Taste varies with altitude .1200m It is better to produce in the above mountainous areas . They are available in supermarkets , But the species varies slightly from region to region , The species of Columbo and canti are relatively complete . Personal suggestions can be made in tea producing areas , Find local farmers to buy some of their own , The taste is much better than the supermarket .

matters needing attention

  1. There are many mosquitoes in Sri Lanka , Please prepare cooling oil or six god~
  2. time difference . It's slower than Beijing 2 One and a half hours . Beijing time. 10 spot , Sri Lanka time ,7:30
  3. UnionPay cards are not supported in many places in small towns . such as ,ELLA only one ATM, And it doesn't support UnionPay . therefore , Please take plenty of cash before you go to the small town .
  4. The people of Sri Lanka are very hospitable , Especially like Chinese people . When the goddesses go, please bring your male partner , To avoid being teased ~

Curry food



A full day starts with breakfast

Small and fresh style railway station

Eller in the sun

Invincible sea view


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