The origin of French Impressionism and Monet's painting appreciation skills

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It's different from photographing the beauty of scenery , Photography is about composition 、 The beauty of harmony between artistic conception and color , Although the picture is beautiful, the image is very thin, can not see the three-dimensional sense and the level , Even sometimes we can find traces of the later repair, which is very unnatural ; And landscape painting ( The whole article is about landscape painting ) Besides photography skills , The interpretation of color is more in place , The control of the screen is also more full, with a strong sense of three-dimensional and level .

Landscape painting seems to have such a magic , Whether you know the art of painting or not , Whether you have art or not , When you see a landscape with beautiful colors and composition , I think it's the enjoyment of beauty , I even feel that I can make my heart peaceful and quiet .

On the outstanding schools of landscape painting , Perhaps what more people know is the Impressionism led by Monet . But in fact, the impressionist style is not a school of its own , It was developed on the basis of the French Barbizon school and the British simplicity school . In addition to these three factions , The Dutch School of landscape painting is also very outstanding , Although this is not directly related to the Impressionism in the future , But it plays an important role in the development of Western landscape painting .

In the landscape painting category , The Dutch School of landscape painting 、19 The simplicity of England in the 20th century 、19 The Barbizon school in France in the 20th century 、19 In the 20th century, the style of French Impressionism is extremely natural and harmonious , In particular, Impressionism is about capturing light and shadow 、 It's better to depict the moving scene of the scene .

The main feature of Dutch landscape painting is to reproduce nature through realism , The sky often occupies a large space in the picture , Make the scenery more prominent .

The main representative painters of Dutch landscape painting are lesdal and his student and friend hobema . Lesdal paid special attention to the expression of light , His most important work is 《 Vick windmill near durstede 》, in addition 《 cornfield 》 and 《 Jungle house 》 They are all his classic works .

Lesdale 《 Vic windmill 》

Hobbema 《 The forest path 》

Lesdale 《 Jungle house 》

William Turner and John Constable are representatives of English landscape painting , They are called “ Really get rid of the Netherlands of British landscape painting 、 Two people who took their own independent road under the influence of French or Italian painting ”.

Constable's art is characterized by its brilliance and simplicity , Arouse people's yearning for nature and love for life , including 《 shipbuilding 》《 White horse 》《 Corn field 》《 Salisbury church from the meadow 》《 Valley farmland 》 etc. . Constable not only contributed greatly to the development of British landscape painting , He was concerned about the light and shadow 、 The sensitivity of color change , It also promotes 19 The exploration of light, shadow and color by French painters at the end of the century .

Constable 《 Salisbury church from the meadow 》

William Turner is an English painter and graphic artist , Especially with light 、 Famous for its imaginative scenery and sea view , He was more interested in light and color than in body , This laid the foundation for the formation of impressionist painting style in the future . Turner is more imaginative than constable , He is not biased in the realism of nature , Instead, the representative works of nature are 《 rain 、 Steam and speed 》 Turner's works also made the later French Impressionists get rich nutrition and beneficial enlightenment .

William Turner 《 The Dreadnought, which was dragged to pieces 》

William Turner 《 Fisherman at sea 》

The Barbizon school is a starting point for the French romantic painting school to turn to realism and modernism . Barbizon is the entrance of Fontainebleau forest in Paris, France , Beautiful scenery , Many painters often gather here to paint . The exquisite and realistic style of Dutch landscape painting , And the British landscape painting from nature , And bright colors 、 The smooth style of writing has a great influence on the formation of the French Barbizon school . The Barbizon School of painters abandoned the imitation style of Dutch landscape painting , On the basis of realistic scenery , It integrates the painter's own perception of the scenery , Pay more attention to create a kind of artistic conception , Make the painting more soul , This is similar to our traditional Chinese painting which emphasizes artistic conception .

The representative figure of Barbizon school is Theodore . Rousseau , His masterpiece 《 Oak 》 and 《 A view of boatman 》 They are quite famous .

Rousseau 《 Oak 》

Rousseau 《 A view of boatman 》

Impressionism is one of the most influential schools in the history of French painting , It has a profound impact on the whole of Europe and even the whole world .

The core representatives of Impressionism are Monet and others . They improved on the basis of the Barbizon school , More emphasis on the effects of light and color , Focus on capturing the light and shadow moving instantaneously , And the instantaneous light sense is drawn on the canvas according to the image in his mind , This kind of speculation about light and color doesn't pay attention to depicting details . At the same time, Impressionism brought new changes in real life into the painting theme , It can be said that Barbizon school and Impressionism have a direct blood relationship .

Monet 《 The impression of sunrise 》

Monet 《 Water lilies 》

So how to appreciate Monet's paintings ?

I went to a few Monet exhibitions , For example, I love a picture with snow background 《 Sunset 》, The sunset under the white snow looks very vast and lonely , But the yellow light and shadow can make people feel the inner warmth .

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