A trip to caozu, Japan

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It's late autumn , After arriving in Caojin, a man went in the rain to visit the famous hot spring source tanghata and the open-air hot spring in xiheyuan park on the mountain , When I came back to my hotel in the rain, I suddenly felt cold .

Caojin xiheyuan Park

Open air hot spring in Caojin Xihe park

The hotel is a century old traditional and traditional hotel , Built on the hillside tens of meters above the road surface , Although not as good as Japanese drama 《 Hotel marriage 》 The kind of moving hotel in , But the hotel that I stayed in also seemed to have a sense of age . The hotel is surrounded by very old and tall trees , After the heavy rain, the lush green trees set off the harmony building, which is particularly warm .

The decoration of the room is also very traditional and style , Although simple, it permeates with delicate beauty . There is a long tea table in the center of the room , On both sides of the tea table, one armchair is placed on each side , Behind the background wall is placed a bunch of beautiful flower arrangement , Next to the window sill was a small tea table and two armchairs .

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I took a cup of wheat tea brewed by the waiter in a beaker filled with water, and the steamed bread with sweet bean paste , Suddenly, I felt that the orange light in the room reflected the harmony wooden room , In such a moment, I feel very warm and healing .

It's still raining outside the window , I wiped my wet hair , Changed clothes, wrapped a towel, curled up lazily in a armchair by the window , Enjoy the scenery outside the window quietly .

The trees washed by rain outside the window are very beautiful . Part of the maple leaf has begun to turn red , With the surrounding green leaves, it is particularly elegant . At the end of the leaves there are crystal clear raindrops , Raindrops drop by drop and merge into new ones . The wind blew , The overhanging branches swayed in the wind , It's like dancing , I feel very intoxicated when I stare .

Maybe the mood is infected by the beautiful scenery , I really feel the sense of peace of mind , I can't help but think of that classic Japanese drama 《 Warm moments 》, Maybe I really felt that warm and beautiful moment from the bottom of my heart .

In such a tender moment , Enjoy the beautiful scenery , While tasting tea , While listening to Hirayama hirayahara's song , It's really the most relaxing and enjoyable thing , Seems to forget all the troubles for a while , At present, my world has only myself and beautiful scenery . This is probably the advantage of traveling alone , Only a person traveling can experience and capture the delicate and sudden emotion from the heart .

I really want to draw this beautiful scene in front of me and keep it forever , It's a pity that I didn't carry any painting items , Otherwise, the scenery outside the window will be painted quietly , It must be the most enjoyable thing in my trip .

Come to Caojin , Naturally, it's for the hot spring , So the hot spring must be indispensable , Except for the open-air hot spring in xiheyuan park , Every hotel next to tanghata also has its own unique hot spring pool .



Caojin hot springs have been very famous since the shogunate and Edo periods , Even Toyotomi and Xiuji have appointed to take a bath in caozhen hot spring . And the water yield of caozun hot spring is the first in Japan , Known for its beauty and health benefits , It has a high reputation among the Japanese .

The picture is from a short book App

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