I don't have money, but I want to travel! Chapter of magic capital

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At the thought of this series of B & B recommendation, it has already reached the third phase , The constant support of my friends made i Du Jun is a little tearful …… In this period, we have finally arrived in Shanghai, which we have been looking forward to for a long time , I hope these special B & B with 100 yuan per capita will hit your heart ~

Mini lujiazui

The warmth of prosperity

This time, don't complain that you have no choice to travel alone , The first one “Mini lujiazui ” It's for you who travel alone ! Open the window of this room and you can see the prosperous Lujiazui , The room is small , So it's called “Mini lujiazui "。

This is one of the small rooms with three bedrooms and one hall , about 7㎡, The room is small but warm , It's complete . The hair dryer in the room 、 Make up lens 、 Wireless network 、 Air conditioner 、24 All kinds of hot water are available in one hour , And windows , You can see the prosperous night scene of Lujiazui at night 。

The community building is an old building , But at the top , vision , The air is fresh . And even though it's in a busy area , But the house is quiet in the noise , There's no car noise , Very comfortable . It's near Century Avenue subway station , It's the only four metro lines in Shanghai 2/4/6/9 Line intersection , The transportation is extremely convenient .

There is also a kitten at home , Good character , Shy and quiet , They don't attack people , But for safety and hygiene , Please be careful not to contact and feed the kittens 。

Suggested number of people to live in :1 people

Reference price :119 element

Geography : Century Avenue, Lujiazui, Shanghai (2/4/6/9 By the subway entrance )

Creative up and down

Back to school

Creative up and down , Designed for comfortable double occupancy , Designed by a professional architect , Provide a space that can be shared and have its own exclusive space , The sparrow is all ready , Leisure area with sofa carpet , A study area with desks , There are warm rest areas with upper and lower berths , Both the upper and lower are equipped with bedside lamps to read before going to bed .

Check in and present the self-made exquisite big white Postcard , Each person can send two of them free of charge ( Provide Stamps ), Share the wonderful moments of travel with friends from afar .

Walk 5 You can get to Caoyang Road subway station in minutes , Take the subway 3、4、11 Line no. , The big business districts of the global port are all in 15 Within a minute walk , The supermarket 、 Bank 、 The bookstore 、 Banks are all around , Life is very convenient .

TIPS: Minimum stay days 3 On the evening of , Those who want to go should pay attention to it ~

Suggested number of people to live in :2-3 people

Reference price :158 element +35 Yuan cleaning fee

Address : Caoyang Road, Shanghai

Natural oxygen bar

Courtyard + A mix of tents

This is a room with French windows, balcony and open terrace .

You can listen to music on the balcony during the day , In the sun , Have a cup of coffee ; Summer night can lie in the tent on the terrace , Listen to the insects and birds , Smell the fragrance of plants . If it rains , So much the better , The sound of the rain beating the tent , It's wonderful ! This is probably the closest home you can find to nature in Shanghai !

The house in Pudong New Area is located in the south , The so-called new district , It's not like the legendary “ Shanghai ". It's not that crowded , But maybe it's not that melodious . For the children's shoes who specially come to Shanghai to enjoy the night life , I don't recommend you live here , But if you happen to love nature , I like to live a quiet life , What are you waiting for ?

It should be noted that , Before going out , Please make sure the windows are closed , And never open any door to the outside world , Because the cat who yearns for freedom will run away from home !

Suggested number of people to live in :2 people

Reference price :206 Yuan Qi

Address : Shangbo Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Japanese tatami

Life is to lie down

Warm and comfortable solid wood tatami room , There are Daylight windows , The sun can shine in brightly , Make your mood clear ! The room is paved with customized authentic tatami , Under the mat is a compact Brown mat , Sit and lie , Match with a carefully selected down mattress 、 Silk quilt and cotton four piece set , Let you experience the Japanese style at the same time have a comfortable sleep !

Japanese style sliding door wardrobe can hold your personal clothes , Books and documents can also be placed in the cabinet beside tatami , There is a couch in the room , You can read books by playing with your mobile phone .

The soft fabric sofa in the living room 、 TV and the dining table , You can use it anytime . The kitchen has a direct drinking device , The bathroom has 24 Hour hot water , Living here is convenient and elegant .

TIPS: Minimum stay days 3 On the evening of , Those who want to go should pay attention to it ~

Suggested number of people to live in :2 people

Reference price :230 element +58 Yuan cleaning fee

Address : Dapuqiao, Danshui Road, Shanghai

Cute cats welcome you

Tell a story with a cat

The big living room can let you enjoy the sofa in full mood , TV , plant , The cat , You can also sit in a rocking chair and shake it slowly …… Both shared bedrooms are spacious , Each has a 1.5 meter double bed and a coat kitchen , The exclusive bay window will be full of sunshine on a sunny afternoon .

If you need a bedroom , Up to two people can stay in . If three people go together , Adjust the number of people to 3 when , One bedroom and one tent are provided by default . Adjust the number of people to 4 when , Two bedrooms are provided by default , Four people at most .

metro 6 The Minsheng Road Station of line No , Zero barriers to travel ! There is century park nearby , Eight hundred companion business district 、 Lujiazui business district is very convenient to reach .

Suggested number of people to live in :2-4 people

Reference price :120 element / position

Address : Pudong, Shanghai ( metro 6 Minsheng Road Station of line No )


Fresh house

《 Elements of life 》 The magazine recommended that , Don't look at it soon ! The countryside is small and fresh , There are all kinds of intimate things , Come anytime. Hi, PIP ! go online 2 Take... For months 「 Super landlord 」~Jeacy & Shawn Serve you wholeheartedly ^-^

J&S HOUSE Located in West Jianguo Road, Xuhui, Shanghai , It is located in the golden area of the former French concession with convenient transportation , Quiet in trouble . Ramble on the plane of Wutong , Don't have a taste of old Shanghai ! Convenience stores around 、 The supermarket 、 a fruit shop 、 Restaurants, etc , From soup to nuts , Eat, drink and have fun 、 Life is very convenient 。

Although the house is small, it has five internal organs : Kitchen utensils, pots and pans , Bar balcony sun roll , I don't want to move all day , Playing the guitar from high entertaining , It's dark. Light a candle and have a drink ~So nice~

There is... In the room 1.5 A double rice bed and 1.2 A sofa bed , You can sleep at most 4 Personally ~

Suggested number of people to live in :2-4 people

Reference price :309 Yuan Qi / 2 people ( Then add 1 people +50 element )+50 Cleaning fee ,4 It's better to live alone

Address : Jianguo West Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Dream home

Compound garden house

Garden duplex house ,230 Huge space of square meters , Retro decoration style , The north and the south are transparent . The neighborhood is quiet and safe , Although the place is a little biased , But it's all within easy reach of the subway , It's a warm and quiet home on your journey .

A complete set of 230 Square meter super large duplex space ,3 A bedroom 3 A bathroom 1 A study 2 A living room 1 A restaurant 1 A huge kitchen and 1 A nanny room , There's a garden on the first floor 。

You can share a single room , You can rent it all , The whole floor of the first floor is suitable for 4 Living alone =1 A master bedroom + Gardens and balconies +1 A study, a huge tent ( How comfortable ), area 170 Square meters . The second floor is an independent living room , Add 2 A bedroom with separate bathroom .

If 6 People and the following default to share the whole duplex room with other travelers ,5-6 Personal default 2 A bedroom +1 A study, a big tent ,3-4 Personal default is 1 A master bedroom +1 A study, a big tent ,1-2 Personal default is 1 A master bedroom , In addition, the room may be shared with other friends . Only by adjusting the number of people to 8 It's the whole rent , The whole rent can hold up to 8 position 。

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