Later color matching principle, you will regret it if you don't see it

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Today I started to share color matching , You know as well as I do how important color matching is . A color photo is mainly two things , Composition and tone , If both are good , Is this picture bad ? I think as long as the content is not crooked , It must be nice .

I play by myself ps For many years , At first 2-3 It's my pain to change color in years , After reading a lot of tutorials, I still can't , Why? ? There are two reasons :

Many tutorials teach you how much this parameter is , What's the parameter , Never told you why , So change a picture and I'll go back to the past , So you know, I never tell you the parameters when I color , It's all about telling you why you did this

Finally we found the principle of , But it's really just the principle , After watching it, I'm still in high spirits , A fit of dizziness

It is estimated that Baidu has color matching principle of several friends have seen these pictures :

This picture basically tells you Color overlay and then create another color What is it? , You feel professional when you look at it , And then remember , And then recite , Not in the end , You think color matching means endorsement .

What's more difficult is to find this kind of :

This is not bad , The only bad thing is that it's too rich , It's wonderful , Seeing this, you are doomed to lose half of your study this time .

I've seen these pictures, too , Every time I finally bite my teeth and have a headache , Finally, I was dizzy . If not really want to learn color matching , I've already given up , I also thought it was an artist's business , In fact, it was only later that I learned that there was a rule in this .

We often say that we should know the user's Pain points , Now I know , Because I came here so painfully , So I don't want you to go on my way in such pain , I don't want to let you lose confidence in the later stage because of an unreasonable tutorial , I'm not saying how well I said it , It's just that I share it with my heart , Try to take everyone to avoid the crooked road they have gone through these years .

Today I just want to show you this picture , It's a little complicated , None of those words is the best , But we use words to explain , It's not a video tutorial or a live demo , So add it :

Some friends should have seen a similar picture , Unfortunately, I still don't understand , Why? ? Because you're missing someone who can explain with the right tools .

ps stay RGB In mode, there are three colors ——RGB( red , green , blue ), And then through

  1. Red + green = yellow
  2. Red + Blue = Magenta
  3. Blue + green = Cyan

So now ps In the RGB In mode, we tune six colors . red , green , blue , yellow , product ( Magenta ), green .

You don't have to memorize :

  1. Red + green = yellow
  2. Red + Blue = Magenta
  3. Blue + green = Cyan

What you need is to understand this diagram :

This picture means :

The complementary color of red is cyan , The change of red and Cyan , Magenta is related to yellow ,

Do you want to Add red Then you need to Add magenta and yellow , Reduce cyan

The complementary color of green is magenta , The change of green and Yellow and cyan , Magenta is related to ,

Do you want to Add green Then you need to Add cyan and yellow , Reduce Magenta

The complementary color of blue is yellow , The change of blue and Cyan and magenta , Yellow is related to ,

For example, you want to Add blue Then you need to Add magenta and Cyan , Reduce yellow

Like this picture :

There's red in it , But we don't think red is red enough , Then we have to choose the red , Then add magenta , And yellow , Lower cyan :

It's red .

Second, you're going to put How does yellow change to red , Then you can add yellow to yellow , Add magenta , Reduce cyan .

How do we turn red into green :

We need to know that the complementary color of green is magenta , Magenta is part of red , Then we'll remove all the magenta in the red , It turns yellow :

Then yellow and cyan are green , Add green to it :

It turns green .

In the same way, how does red turn to cyan ? Remove the middle yellow and magenta , It turns white ,

Then add green to the white , That's all right. :

All the other color changes are like this , What you need to know is the transition between colors , It's not just memorizing the few ,RGB There are more than six colors , Is the total 16777216 Color .

You may find that among the available colors , Choose one color at a time , But it can only be adjusted : green , Magenta , yellow color , And there's a black one , There's more red , green , blue Where are you going .

In fact, these three colors are marked , In fact, you can see that the slider is in the middle , Each line represents two complementary colors , For example, if you slide to the left, you reduce cyan , Color the picture in red , The others are the same .

The final black is actually the lightness , Adjust the color to light and dark .

In fact, there are only two things about color matching :

1. The transition between colors

2. Darken or lighten the color

You don't know the color change when you are revising the drawing, so use a pen to draw the relationship of these six colors as follows :

It's a little crooked , This is a good way to know , Make sure you understand the color matching .

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