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2020-11-17 21:16:42  作者:Late photography

With the popularity of smart phones , Now all you need is a cell phone , You can be a photographer for the last time . Let's introduce some techniques of photographic composition , Show some pictures of photography exercises .

The basic principles of composition : The composition of nine palaces , Highlight the subject , The best position of the subject is one third of the picture .

Composition by adjusting the focal length ;

If it's a selfie , When you can't focus , You can go through the distance of the front camera , To adjust the focus a little bit ;

Compose by moving the rear camera horizontally or vertically ;

By looking up 、 Head up 、 Look down to make up the picture ;

Highlight the subject by leaving a large area of white ;

To highlight the subject through the virtual background ;

Through geometric patterns to create a sense of stability in the picture ;

Make up the picture by cutting it later ;

To make up a picture through a later jigsaw ;

The park clock ↓

The park clock

Statue of Zhan Tianyou ↓

Statue of Zhan Tianyou

The composition of nine palaces ↓

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