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How to make photography stand out ?

Creative Photographers ,

I will think about this question .

Except for the sudden creative ideas ,

It can also be achieved through hands-on practice

Here's a good example

The picture is from a short book App

Is the circular line in the picture attractive ?

This is the kinetic energy of animation art, light painting applied to photography

So how to achieve it ?

Follow the steps below , You'll soon learn to

The picture is from a short book App

Rotation of long exposure , Bring different freshness to the photos

  1. Look at a place with a lot of light , Looking for high-rise buildings or large building structures .
  2. Put the camera on a tripod , Direct vision . You can set the camera at 45 Degree to 45 The angle between degrees .
  3. Choose a wide-angle lens , Or fish eyes . You can shoot with a set of lenses , But be careful to use the widest focal length .
  4. And then make up your picture , And focus on the image . Use angle detectors or real-time views to manipulate .
  5. Record the camera position on the tripod , If your pan tilt has a scale of rotation angle, it's best , Take pictures by turning them on a regular digital scale , Shooting should be done at the same starting scale position .

Here's a comparison , No power to rotate !

The picture is from a short book App

Using a fisheye lens combined with kinetic light painting , about 45° Shot from a low angle !

  1. Set the camera to exposure 30 Second , And adjust the aperture and ISO To get the correct exposure value in the photo . The exposure value should be 0 or +1, This is because there will be insufficient exposure during photolithography .
  2. Use the camera's self timer to start exposure , And set it to 10 second .
  3. Start rotating the camera around the tripod axis before the exposure starts . The rotation continues 2 To 5 second .
  4. By looking at the angle of rotation on the tripod , Make sure you complete the rotation in the same position as you started .
  5. There will be cameras 25 Seconds to capture the structure of the scene .

The picture is from a short book App

Horizontal angle + Scene rendering light = Capture Singapore's iconic skyline

Why do more and more photographers like to use circular light drawing in photography ?

People who like long-term exposure will know that light painting , Although not everyone is familiar with animation light painting . But if you want to take more beautiful photos, you need to do some practice and experiment , So you need to try new technologies from time to time .

Dynamic light painting is a good way to create dynamic photos , Have a sense of future . The images you take may be from an urban environment , Using the technique of adding lights and patterns to a scene can look cool .

The following is a comparison

The picture is from a short book App

The picture is from a short book App

The same scene , The difference is that the photo was drawn with kinetic energy

The best place to take a picture of this kind is near a skyscraper , Just look up and add a wide-angle lens , Any highlighted building structure can be your best scene .

Even if you don't live in a first tier city, there's no problem , You can replace skyscrapers with trees in the park , You can think of the sunlight on the leaves as a circle pattern . This has to be filmed during the day , In the daytime, the dim trees can be exposed for a long time . Consider using ND Filters are also necessary to reduce the amount of light entering the camera .

The picture is from a short book App

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