Skilful bakers who can't take pictures are not good food

2020-11-17 21:16:39  作者:Shooting skills

I don't know when ,

Meet nice, beautiful desserts ,

I always like to turn on my cell phone ,

Press the camera ,

But the pictures that come out ,

There is often a lack of something ,

What's the reason for that ?

How can we capture the most beautiful moment of desserts ?

Bakers who can't take pictures are not good food


Here are a few tips ,

I hope you can learn from it

Learn some food photography skills ,

Let your delicious desserts bloom with beautiful colors .

One 、 Natural light

In plenty of natural light , Can make the picture bright and natural , And it can show the most original color of food .

The dining place is dim because of the dim light , So we need to use a big aperture to take pictures , Or ask a friend to fill in the light with a mobile phone , It's certainly not as good as natural light , But it still helps to improve the picture , However, there is a drawback that the built-in flash is too bright , Make the picture too white when shooting , There may be exposure .

Two 、 Find the visual focus

When multiple foods appear in the picture , When we want to highlight one of the delicacies , Then we Be sure to find a place with the most light , Put the protagonist in the light and shoot again . If the camera can capture the real foreground , After the scene is empty, the scene feels deeply , Make the picture more stereoscopic .

3、 ... and 、 Beautiful tableware

tableware It's absolutely a must for a beautiful food photo , There is no good-looking or appropriate tableware to set off , Then the texture of the whole picture will be affected , Even destroyed the beautiful dish of this dish .

Four 、 The direction of the light

When taking pictures , We must pay attention to the direction of light , If the light is directed at the food , Then the picture will be too bright , And the sense of hierarchy will weaken , So move the food a little bit , Try the effect of other light directions , Actually Backlight or side light creates vision It's also great .

5、 ... and 、 Use props skillfully

Besides the tableware , For food photography , Props are just as important , napkin 、 tablecloth 、 Table board 、 Tray 、 Plants and so on , Sometimes flowers will be used 、 watch 、 Computers and other petty goods to set off the beautiful scenery .

6、 ... and 、 Rich color

I believe that everyone likes to shoot colorful things when shooting , Bright colors Can make your picture not monotonous , And it's brighter .

7、 ... and 、 The right angle

If you don't feel satisfied with shooting from any angle , We can Shoot from above , We see a lot of food from above , It's very emotional , Whether it's the tableware on the table 、 Flower decoration 、 Tablecloth can make the picture look more rich and artistic conception , Let the viewer have an impulse to join in .

8、 ... and 、 Zoom in on the food

The appearance of delicious food is not necessarily 360 degrees without dead ends , But we can achieve the desired effect by shooting ,360 Degree rotation to find the best lens feel , Zoom in , To achieve the perfect effect .

Nine 、 Holding things

This can be said to be a very popular way of photography in the past two years , Suitable for shooting street snacks , It's very fashionable .

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