How to recognize the words in the picture, two methods can be learned

2020-11-17 21:16:30  作者:Shooting skills

Every time I work, I find all the information in the form of pictures , Can't paste and copy , So that the task of the small editor is greatly increased , This is the only way to find image recognition tools , How to recognize the words in the picture ? Let me share with you the method of recognizing the characters in the picture !

Huawei mobile phone scanning recognition :

Huawei mobile phone users don't have to worry about this problem , Because Huawei mobile phone has a built-in scan recognition function button , Click the scan recognition button to switch ;

No Huawei mobile phone friends , That can only download professional word recognition software to operate , You can look at it !

The specific steps are as follows :

1、 First of all, we need to find this software in the mobile app market , Download and install it on your phone , After that, you can operate accordingly ;

2、 Then the software operation page , You can see several function buttons in it , If identification operation is needed , Here you can choose to upload image recognition , Photo recognition , You can choose different identification according to your own needs ;

3、 Take photo recognition as an example to carry out the operation of recognition , Click on the photo recognition , Just take pictures of the text that needs to be recognized , Then select the recognition area for tailoring ;

4、 Then the text of the selected area will be displayed in the software interface , And then you can replicate 、 translate 、 Share 、 Proofreading and exporting ;

5、 In the end, there's no problem , You can also click the Save button at the top right , Save the identified document , And name the document ;

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