Mobile phone photography has a tune, which is actually related to the later period

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My first visit to Beijing , Of course, I want to visit various scenic spots in Beijing , But only half a day to play , There are a lot of places to go , Finally, I only went to Tiananmen Square . As a southerner , My first visit to Beijing , Still very excited , Especially standing on Tiananmen Square , The scenery of Beijing is quite different from what I imagined , The trees here are all dead branches in this season , The weather is dry , Not all places are tall buildings .

Okay , Long winded with so many irrelevant words , Now go back to the point ,23 On the morning of the th, we went to Xiaomi general staff ,24 I went to Tian'anmen Square on the morning of the th , I went to Wangfujing by the way . Afternoon 5 The plane on the spot .

23 The morning of , Standing in Xiaomi's office on the third floor , In front of Xiaomi collection hall, the office building of Xiaomi colorful city is opposite MIlogo.

23 Friday night , On the way back to the hotel with my friends from Xiaomi campus club , Some of them know , It's been two years , This is my first meeting , I haven't seen it before , But when we meet , It seems that I have known each other for a long time . This is the relationship between rice noodles !

On the way to Tian'anmen Square , It happened to pass by the bird's nest and the water cube , The driver heard that I was here for the first time , I drove around for a while , Let me get out of the car and take a few photos as a souvenir .

This is where I got off the bus , The car opposite Tiananmen Square . As soon as I got out of the car, I saw the monument to the people's Heroes on the opposite side , How excited !

Standing on Tiananmen Square , Looking at Tiananmen Gate Tower . All I can think of is the scene of last year's military parade .

Five star red flag , Flying in the wind , At first, I was going to take some pictures of the following part , But there are a lot of people , For the sake of simplicity , So only part of the top .

This picture was taken next to the lawn , Because the road is full of people , everyone , Everyone ,,,,,

This is a church on Wangfujing Street , At that time, I felt that people were coming and going , It is interesting to , When I saw it, I photographed it .

The church is in the sunshine , It's very three-dimensional , In order to make this stereoscopic sense more obvious , Finally, black and white filters .

Just got off the subway line , That's it T3, Walking in the hall , It's nice to find the reflection on the roof and the ground , They waited for others to go in , I'm going to snap this .

This is from the boarding room , The afternoon sun is just reflected through the glass wall in the boarding room , Each person and object is endowed with life .

Finally on the plane , While waiting for the plane to take off , There's a plane taking off just outside the window , Turn on the camera as fast as you can , Just got this picture .( I think it's good to make wallpaper )

After two hours of flight , Finally arrived in Shanghai . Shanghai is beautiful in the night , But for the sake of safety, there is no power on, leaving a beautiful night in Shanghai , I had to wait for the door of the plane to be opened .

Here is 26 This is a picture of the beat of cherry blossoms in Shanghai , There seems to be no story to tell , Let's have a look at the pictures , Don't listen to me, Balabala , There are eggs at the end of the post , In addition to the introduction of the software I use, there are also ,,,,,, See for yourself .

Selected one of them 9 Photos , Dealt with , Now let me introduce , I often use the retouch app.

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